Hulk In Space!

So last week my training finally wrapped up.  From start to finish it took nearly 50 days and cost, in skills and equipment, close to 200 million ISK.

But, at last, my Hulk exhumer is in space and tearing up asteroids.


Due to lagging skills, I still have some training to do before it is fully equipped.  Currently it has:

High Slots

3 Strip Miner I

Medium Slots

Survey Scanner
Small Shield Extender

Low Slots

Mining Upgrade I
Power Diagnostic System

I actually have some better equipment on hand, but by miner’s skills when it comes to power management and shields are too low to either fit better items or support the power drain they cause.

So there is more training to be done.

And research.  I have to figure out Strip Miner II technology.

But even as it stands, it does burn through a lot of ore.  The examples I listed in my post on high security asteroids included a comparison of how much ore every three minutes a single strip miner I yields.  Multiply that by three and that is what the Hulk harvests.

Plus, with an 8,000 cubic meter cargo bay, it can actually hold two full passes worth of ore.

I am tempted just to put two Extpanded Cargohold II modules on it, let my miner haul his own ore, and have Wilhelm go run missions elsewhere.

Still, as always in EVE, there is more training to be done.

10 thoughts on “Hulk In Space!

  1. Eric

    The stripminer II works with an ore specific crystal, just do a market search on Veldspar and you will find them. You’ll have to train refining IV and ore specific processing III to use them.

    And then ofcourse Mining V for the strip miner II. It’s very much worth it though :).


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I figured out the crystals part. But when I look at the info for Strip Miner I and Strip Miner II, it looks like the Strip Miner I pulls more ore.

    So I am obviously reading the info wrong, but I am trying to figure out how I am wrong.


  3. CrazyKinux

    Hang in there Wilhelm, I’ve just completed the Procurement Level V skill, taking 22 days! I’m becoming a full blown Trader, the training for it will be intense over the next few weeks.

    Depending on how far you are from Gallente space, I might be available for some hauling. For the right price that is!



  4. Eric

    The strip miner II has two stats. One is without a crystal, the other (specialty crystal mining amount) is with a crystal. That last stat is not modified when you look at a strip miner II in the market view info screen, nor is the bonus the Hulk gives you.

    For example on my hulk it says mining amount 762.5 m3, speciality crystal mining amount 1239.15 Ore Units. Not sure why that last stats isnt in m3 as well though. In practise, with Mining Foreman bonus and +3% implant, I pull down 12.8k veldspar units per cycle.

    Btw, you can setup your hulk with one mining upgrade in the lowslot, gives you even more ore in one cycle. Of course you can do two as well, but you’ll need some good fitting skils as they up your strip miner’s cpu useage.


  5. Dagizmo

    “I figured out the crystals part. But when I look at the info for Strip Miner I and Strip Miner II, it looks like the Strip Miner I pulls more ore.”

    Miner here!

    The strip miner II mine more, you dont sea a difference because you need to have the strip miner II mounted on your ship and equiped whit the crystal, then observe in the stats the specialiced crystal minig aumount that is teh cubic meters that you will obtain whit that strip miner.

    About the cargo expander II is a nice idea to use when you want to mine safe witouth any plater stealing from you

    Excuse my bad english

    I hope to help you out

    If you have some doubt or something ingame you can ask me ingame i have the same name


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