Port Side Ride

Missing the boat.

In EverQuest, back in the old days, missing the boat, especially that Freeport to Butcherblock boat, meant a very long wait.  Long enough that, some nights, being seconds too late for the boat meant a complete change of plans.

When the boat showed up at the dock, the shout of “BOAT!!!” would go up, so that everyboy who was waiting would have a chance to make it.  Nobody wanted to be left behind.

In World of Warcraft missing the boat is not nearly as bad as the early days of EverQuest.  The routes are short, so if you don’t make the boat, at most it is a few minutes wasted rather than a night’s plans.  Plus you almost never fall off the boat zoning, a real hazard some nights in early days of EQ. (They did not call that zone between Freeport and Butcherblock “The Ocean of Tears” for nothing!)

Still, I hate to miss the boat.

I hate to be running up the dock, headed for a stale boat, a boat that has been in sight since I was close enough to see it, a boat I know is going to start moving at any second.

Am I far enough away that you should pause a second to summon my mount?  Do I just go for it?  Did the ship just move?

That was the position I found myself in the other night in Feralas.

I was headed towards the dock with my hunter.  I could see the boat sitting at there as the end of the dock resolved into focus.

I had aspect of the pack up.  I was making a bee-line for the dock.  All I could do was press on and hope for the best.

Up onto the dock.

Down the planks to the boat.

And just before that point, that place on the dock where you know you’re going to make it, the boat began its smooth glide away from shore.

What to do?

I was already angled to hit the boat at the far corner of the dock and I could see that the deck would be too far past that point to get aboard by the time I got there.

I was going to intersect the boat just ahead of one of the windows that stick out along hull.

Stick out.

I could see, in a moment of clarity, that the window just ahead of me stuck out quite a bit more than I had previously noticed.

So I jumped for the window.

And made it!

At first I figured I would fall off, so I kept running against the ship, just to make sure I stayed stuck to the side.  You hate to make a leap like that and then just fall off because you relaxed.

But as we rounded Sardor Isle (which always makes me think of the Island of Sodor) and closed in on Feathermoon Stronghold, I relaxed a bit and found I could stand on the window.  So I turned around a took a picture.


My pet made it as well.  You can see his feet and his tail sticking out of the window frame.

So that was my heroic deed of the night.  Sure, I also slew some giants, elementals, and a few yeti.  But I do that every night.  That night I jumped and grabbed hold of the port side of a boat and road it to its destination. 

8 thoughts on “Port Side Ride

  1. tipa

    Back in EQ1, if you missed the boat, if you could swim in front of it, you could swim up INTO it as it ran you over, and there you’d be, in the boat :)


  2. yunk

    heh that is lucky

    I have done the same a couple times (usually I would just miss), and when I made it often one of two things would happen when it reappeared (I guess feralas to the island it doesn’t reappear but say darkshore to the dwarf-town)

    1. I’d materialize fall in the water, then have to swim frantically hoping to not die of drowning way out there

    2. when it reappeared I’d be stuck and not able to move or jump off and have to use the Unstick feature hearthing back to where I just came from


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Tipa: Oh yes, I remember that trick. (I just couldn’t find a way to work it into the post without totally derailing it.) Though, when I did the boat scoop trick, it was usually because I did something silly and fell off the boat.

    Not so bad in Freeport Harbor, but twice I sat a long time in the Ocean of Tears waiting for the boat to come back and scoop me up.

    @Yunk: I forgot to mention that the Feralas boat trip does not involve zoning the way the trips between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms do. I was wondering what might happen if the boat had to zone.


  4. Eric

    Ever fell off the boat in booty bay ? Not a lot of fun getting back on land :(. I tried to be clever once and jump of the boat a little early…


  5. tipa

    There’s a ramp leading from the water to the lower level in Booty Bay… it’s not THAT hard. Many many times I had to swim around in Booty Bay to avoid random Alliance death squads.

    The EQ1 boat scoop trick, similarly, was a way for a good character to use the Outpost boat in the Overthere without having to dodge dragoons.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, you’ve only fallen in ONCE in Booty Bay Eric?

    Yeah, the ramp is back below Inn area. I’ve had to run up it a few times. The ramp to the boat is, imho, deceptively short and I have run off the end of it when not paying attention a few times.

    I know how to get back up on the dock from almost any place there is a boat in WoW now. I fall off a lot.

    The Auberdine dock is my least favorite. It is a long way back to the shore to get up on the dock again.

    I do wonder how my big chunk of a dwarf falls into the water through that half inch gap between the dock and the boat when I start heading for land a couple seconds early.


  7. pvthudson

    I remember one time a friend of mine in EQ1 almost missed the boat to Kunark and he jumped up on the rudder of the ship and rode all the way in like that

    Good times!


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