Daily Archives: November 5, 2007

We’re bringing sexy back…

An interesting item from the the Vanguard producer’s letter:

We’re bringing sexy back… 

After phase one is complete, we’ll be moving onto phase two where we’ll be increasing the visual quality of our character models. Not only will we be delivering you a character that is more appealing to the eye, but we’ll also be delivering a model that utilizes less resources and is easier on your computer. Again, win-win for everyone! A brief update on this is that we’re almost complete on our visual improvements with human characters and we’ll be moving onto adjustments to animations and to the different body types.

See, I told you this was the real problem with the game!

Ducks and Drakes

Losing Caracals at 4 million a piece starts to get expensive after a while, at least for me.

So I decided to do with Level II missions what I did with Level I missions.

When I was finding some of the Level I missions a bit challenging in a frigate, I bought a destroyer.

Now that I am having issues with Level II missions, I thought I should take that next step.  So I bought a battlecruiser.

A Caldari Drake, to be specific.


I named it “The Golden Hind.”

I would have called it “The Golden Hindquarters,” but that exceeds the name length restriction for ships in EVE.

I considered the Ferox as well, but given my experience with rail guns on the Moa and the training I had already been doing in missiles to make the Caracal more effective in my hands, the Drake seemed to be the right ship for me.

In my usual semi-informed manner, I have equipped it as follows:


4x ‘Malkuth’ Assault Missile Lanchers
2x Heavy Missile Launchers
1x Small Tractor Beam
1x Salvager I


2x Large Shield Extender I
1x M51 Iterative Shield Regenerator
1x Medium Shield Booster
1x Explosion Dampening Field


3x Power Diagnostic System I
1x Damage Control I


Core Defense Field Extender I
Bay Loading Accelerator I

For once I actually have “named” missile launchers on a ship.  I had stopped spending the extra money on them previously due to the ongoing loss of Caracals.  But I had two sitting in storage and picked up two more as drops, so I am fully equipped for light missiles.  Aside from rate of fire and magazine capacity, I do not quite get the difference between the variations of missile launchers.  Of course, maybe that is all there is to get, but there seems to be a bit more data to compare on the info pages.

I have two heavy missile launchers that I use on cruiser sized targets, installations (like that habitat in “Avenge a Fallen Comrade”) and to pick off targets that I do not want to take the time to close to light missile range with.  My light missiles seem to be good for about 24km while the heavies reach out to 46km.

I also took two of my high slots and stuck on a salvager and a tractor beam.  For level II missions at least, I do not miss the extra launchers, and it lets me loot anything that dies within 20km of my ship.  The one thing about the Drake is that it is a lot slower than other ships I have flown.

In the medium slots I went mostly the passive tank route, though I could not resist putting one shield booster on the ship.  I am too anxious to leave the shield management in the hands of automation.  I like to be able to turn capacitor into shield energy at need.

The low slots are mostly about more power, with the damage control unit there to give me some better resistance over all.  I would like to find a better version of the damage control unit, but they seem pretty rare on the market, at least in my part of space, and the ones I see for sale are pretty pricey. 

And finally, for the first time, I actually have used a could of the rig slots on one of my ships.  I went for something to boost my shield size (bringing my shields up to 13,714 hp with a recharge rate of 780 hp/sec) and something to boost the rate of my missile fire. 

I had looked into rigs before, but they seemed very expensive for what they did.  In the end, I calculated I could easily buy the blueprints and make them myself for less than the market price.  But that is a story for another post.  Rigs do require a lot of salvaged equipment, which is another reason I want that tractor beam and salvager on the ship.

I now seem to be pretty well set when it comes to level II missions.  Should I start trying level III missions?  Or does that require a step up to battleships?  What is the cut-off?