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Maraudonian Azerothian Princess

The Saturday night instance group was out in full force last weekend for another trip to Maraudon.

50 Warlock – Bungholio
50 Priest – Skronk
50 Mage – Ula
51 Warrior – Earlthecat
51 Paladin – Vikund

Our mission was simple: Take the most direct route in and slay Princess Theradras.

And believe me, she was in need of slaying. But we’ll get to that.

We did not take the absolute straightest route to the Princess. We took a short side trip to take out Landslide. But he was on our way.

Not that the trip was really worth it. We killed him easily enough, but he only dropped the Rockgrip Gauntlets. Being a group that is divided into those who wear plate and those who wear cloth, all of these leather and mail drops do not do much good.

We pressed on, fighting our way through the Primordial Behemoths and their never-not-hilarious “squash the tanks” death move.

Soon we were looking at the grim visage that is Princess Theradras.

No female can see her and not feel more attractive.

No straight man can cast eyes upon her without at least considering an ex-girlfriend joke.

No gay man can go past without a comment about her shoes.

Okay, maybe I went to the cliche bag for that last one. Not every gay male cares about women’s shoes.

She is every guy’s Sadie Hawkins nightmare. Ugly enough to scare you. Fast enough to catch you. Strong enough to drag you back over the start line before sundown.

Fortunately, our group is made up of the married. But we still had some trouble with her.

Earl ran out first to get her attention lure her over to a corner in the water, away from the water fall close by. You can see her in full chase, which has to be difficult in those shoes. (We were in skeleton form… have to love those Halloween wands.)


She lit out after Earl, but then Bung layed a DOT on her and she acquired a taste for gnomes.

So began the fight and our problems with her. It was very difficult to keep her aggro focused on Earl despite all his attempts. She would chase around first one of us then another.

Once Earl of I got her aggro on us, she would hit us with her frightful gaze, a fear effect, and off we ran while she went after the softer targets.

And then there is her AOE attack, which I saw listed somewhere as a stomp, but which I was sure was really the worst case of flatulence in history. It knocks you back in waves and does damage each time.

Our first dance with her was less than a success. In fact, it was a wipe. We were all over the map trying to get a handle on her and she managed to peel us off and kill us one by one.

Fortunately we had a soul stone handy and Skronk, who had it, was in a spot safely away from her island.

We revived, regrouped, and rethought our strategy. The first thing we did was have Skronk put a fear ward on us to help keep the tanks under control.

Then we decided to let Earl get in some damage and taunts before we let loose on her again.

So we buffed up, and sent Earl in for another round.

We had some of the same issues this time around. Princess Theradras seems to be somewhat fickle and spent time chasing everybody down at different stages of the battle. But in the end, with no worry about being feared, we brought her down. Here is our traditional “killed the main boss” snapshot.


She left us the Gemshard Heart to remember her by. Bung ended up with it, though I cannot remember if that was because he won the roll or drew the short straw.

After the Princess was gone, Zaetar’s Spirit showed up with a quest and possibly the largest exclamation point in all Azeroth.


With our main target down, we decided to pick up a couple more boss mobs if we could.

Fortunately, Princess Theradras little (relative to her) peninsula sits at the top of a waterfall, at the bottom of which is the domain of our big crocodile friend, Rotgrip.

Earl and I jumped in to secure the LZ, then the casters followed us down. We secured a perimeter, knocking off a couple of hydras who were too close to be ignored, the waited for Rotgrip to swim on by.

He did not keep us waiting long. Here he is, one fight away from becoming a whole shoe store worth of Gucci pumps or a set of luggage for the lot of us.


He went down quickly and left us with the Rotgrip Mantle, which went to Skronk on a roll-off between him and Ula.

From where we slew Rotgrip, it was a fairly easy path to get to Tinkerer Gizlock. I really want the shield he has, the Hypertech Buckler, but this time around he dropped the Inventor’s Focal Sword, which went to Bung. His sword skill is a little rusty, but the spell crit buff is nice for him.

And then we were done. We knocked off all four bosses in the back end of Maraudon. Ula opened a portal to Darnassus so we could turn in one of the quests related to the zone. Then we had to get to Moonglade, which we did via the trickey Skronk method of swimming along the coast north of Auberdine to a point where the Moonglade zone extends out to the ocean. Once there we drowned ourselves to “tele-motre” to the graveyard in Moonglade. That avoided the nasty run that would have probably killed most of us anyway. We turned in Zaetar’s quest, grabbed the flight point, then flew back to Nijel’s Point in Desolace to turn in one of the other quests.

Ula decided to call it a night at that point, but the rest of us stayed on to knock off two left-over quests in Maraudon and perhaps grind to another level. We still had Shadowshard Fragments and Twisted Evils to finish.

So we ran back to Maraudon and started killing the appropriate mobs in and around the purple side of the instance. We actually worked our way in far enough that we decided to take out Lord Vyletongue, who was nice enough to hand over the Satyr’s Lash for our troubles. Too bad nobody really needed a nice dagger.

And by that point we were all ready to call it a night. We rolled back out, turned in one quest, then used our hearth stones to head for home.

Everybody ended up getting a level over the course of the night, so we are getting ourselves ready for the Sunken Temple next.