Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

CCP Cracks Down On Gangs

Yesterday I noticed that the name for groups in EVE Online changed in patch 2.3 from gang to fleet.  Since I did not see this change listed in the release notes for patch 2.3, so I was a little confused (situation normal) when I was logged on and trying to for a group with Wilhelm and my miner for some mining/hauling ops.

Was this intentional on the part of CCP?

I thought in EVE that a fleet was a multi-group organization, the equivalent of a raid in games like EverQuest of World of Warcraft.

And, for me at least, a fleet implies a lot more ships than a single group would likely include.

I think the naval term that they should have gone for was’ squadron,’ which is generally used to denote a formation of ships that is, or may be, a subordinate component of a fleet.

But this is just one of many terminology usage and constancy nits I have to pick with EVE Online.