No Rise of Kunark at Fry’s Today

Rise of Kunark… and Secrets of Faydwer, for that matter… are live and potentially available today. 

There is an SOE press release and everything.

However, the Fry’s ad yesterday said that neither box would be on the shelf before Thursday.

So we’re hardly getting off to a Burning Crusade-like start here for the latest expansions of the two main EverQuest franchises.

Still, both expansions were actually IN the Fry’s ad this time around.  Go team! At least in that regard.

Last year’s expansion, Echoes of Faydwer, which also wasn’t on the shelf at Fry’s on release day, as I posted back then, did not make the Fry’s ad until a few weeks after its release. 

And The Serpent’s Spine, the EverQuest expansion last November, was digital download only.  It went pretty well unnoticed outside of the EverQuest community.

So while the release of these two expansions are not exactly an event, at least there was acknowledgement of their pending availability.

3 thoughts on “No Rise of Kunark at Fry’s Today

  1. Aaron

    I went to Gamestop to pick up my Assassin’s Creed pre-order today. They apparently won’t get the game until tomorrow, and another customer told me they didn’t have Call of Duty 4 on release day either. The clerk said something about other cities getting games on time, but not Houston. Until you mentioned Fry’s, I assumed it was a problem with Gamestop.

    Maybe publishers are waiting until the last minute to ship games these days?


  2. LadyPao

    I don’t know what’s going on out there, but while doing the trial of EQ2, I attempted to find a game guide and a box on the shelf for EQ2 in two Gamestops, and two Best Buys. None of them had a game guide (which would have been my deciding factor as to getting into another deep MMO) and I found only one ‘all0in’one’ EQ2 box at one of the Gamestops. It really put me off, thinking, Huh, maybe they’re not supporting this game anymore, maybe they don’t care about new players, but are just keeping the old with expansions. I didn’t buy the box/subscribe due to ‘perceived lack of support’.
    Yet, there were plenty of WoW boxes, guides, atlas, binders, lunchboxes…ok, no lunchboxes, but I expect them anyday…oh, and maybe a designer Huggies diapers series…


  3. Gaff

    Got the xpack just now–have to install the entire game again. It has a new look, but I haven’t gone into the game as it is still patching. I preordered, but won’t get the ingame pet as you had to preorder online for that–I just went into Game Stop and put down cash–go figure. I guess they don’t want their 6 dollar an hour employee selling in game pets on the side.


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