Optimizing Mining Performance

While far from the “perfect” mining configuration, my miner is slowly getting better and better.  His mining yield affecting skills are all pretty well trained.

Mining V
Astrogeology V
Mining Barge V
Exhumers III

And, of course, he is flying a Hulk exhumer mining barge, the current top of the line, with the following equipment.

3x Strip Miner II
3x Veldspar Mining Crystal II
Mining Laser upgrade II

So I decided to see where I stood when it came to yield.

Going back to veldspar and the Veldspar Mining Crystal I, a Strip Miner II pulled out 12,490 units of ore in a 3 minute pass.

With the Veldspar Mining Crystal II, the yield went up to 13,451 units per 3 minute pass.

So with three Strip Miner IIs thus armed with Veldspar Mining Crystal IIs, the yield per hour on the Hulk is now currently 807,060 units of veldspar ore.

That breaks down into 2,423 refinable units of veldspar. (333 units of veldspar ore make one refinable unit.)

Since each refinable unit yields 1,000 units of tritanium, the haul is 2,423,000 tritanium per hour.

While the price of minerals has started to soften a bit in the last week or so, it is still quite reasonable to get 3.30 ISK per unit of tritanium, which gives an hourly ISK yield, less fees and such, of 7,995,900 ISK.

Now that isn’t going to tempt any level 4 mission runners or 0.0 mining crews back to high security space, but it still is a nice little income.

But once you get good at one thing, something else becomes the problem.

Now that the Hulk chews through asteroids so well, I have to pay closer attention to how much ore my targets have left.  It is annoying to have a strip miner shut down after a three minute cycle and only come up with 16 units of ore.

And, of course, now that more ore is being produced, I have to haul a lot more.  Wilhelm will have to work on some skills that will improve his hauling capacity.  If I can get enough alloyed titanium bars I can build increased cargo capacity rigs for the hauler, but those bars seem to be pretty rare salvage.  I need 115, and I have 22.

4 thoughts on “Optimizing Mining Performance

  1. Eric

    Only thing you can improve now is getting leadership + mining foreman skills and gang up with your hauler to get a bit more ore ;).

    And yes I have the same problem with the hauling, an Iteron V is the solution, but that requires Gallente Industrial V :(. For now my alt Bela uses a Bestower with expanders.


  2. krones

    Save or buy your alloyed trit bars now, they will be higher in demand when Trinity 2 launches in a few weeks. I need to try my hand at mining, I really don’t want to pay for two accounts though.


  3. Drew Shiel

    Alloyed Tritanium Bars are indeed pretty rare salvage; I think I average out to about 1 per 2 Level II missions. And while I’ve tried to convince myself to hang on to them to make the rigs, I haven’t yet succeeded – they sell for good money.


  4. Swift Voyager

    Hehe, wait till you get a corp mate or alt that can run mining links to reduce that cycle time. Hauling becomes a full-time job when you can fill a jet can in 11 or 12 minutes per Hulk. At that rate it starts to compete with level 4 mission isk/hour. Investing the time in mining upgrades so that you can use 2 x tech II mining laser upgrades is also worth it, if you do enough mining.


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