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EverQuest II Four Year Veteran Rewards

As has become tradition, a new set of veteran rewards have been added to EverQuest II for the four year mark.

Four year rewards?  But EverQuest II just celebrated its third birthday, right?

Yes, but for every expansion you buy, you get an extra 90 days applied to account age for reward qualification.  With the release of the fourth expansion, Rise of Kunark, a full extra year has been added to the accounts of those who have purchased them all. 

So mutants walking wounded idiots people like me, who started playing EverQuest II on or about day 1, are past the four year mark already. 

My account is credited, as of this morning, with 1,461 days.

For the four year reward you get:

  • The title “The Zealous”
  • A Treasure Hoard – lowers your rent (in coins) by 25% (looks like the dwarven ringmail tunic HQ chest)
  • Mystic Moppet Billy Disguise – Annoy other the way Billy annoyed you
  • 3 Drafts of the Skilled – +55% trade skill experience for 1 hour
  • 3 Drafts of the Wise – +55% adventure experience for 1 hour

Not a bad spread for a four year reward.

And since 1,461 days is four years plus one day (there has been no leap day for EQ2 yet… so I predict another cataclysm on February 29th, 2008) all of these goodies should be mine.

But they are not.

I type /claim and they are not on the list. (Though a lot of stuff still is!  I still have unclaimed items from Desert of Flames!)

This wouldn’t matter expect that Gaff has been lording it over me, since he got his four year rewards yesterday!  Damn his eyes!

Well, he mentioned it.  Once.

Still, honor is at stake!  I am going to have to petition this!  I will not be denied!

Okay, maybe honor can wait a day or two, but no more!

In the mean time, I can stare at the rewards on the EQ2 Players site… at least I can if that damn Circuit City ad will stop popping up and obscuring my view!

[Addendum: It looks like you get on per character, as opposed to the past where you were limited to 3 characters claiming the reward.]