EverQuest II Four Year Veteran Rewards

As has become tradition, a new set of veteran rewards have been added to EverQuest II for the four year mark.

Four year rewards?  But EverQuest II just celebrated its third birthday, right?

Yes, but for every expansion you buy, you get an extra 90 days applied to account age for reward qualification.  With the release of the fourth expansion, Rise of Kunark, a full extra year has been added to the accounts of those who have purchased them all. 

So mutants walking wounded idiots people like me, who started playing EverQuest II on or about day 1, are past the four year mark already. 

My account is credited, as of this morning, with 1,461 days.

For the four year reward you get:

  • The title “The Zealous”
  • A Treasure Hoard – lowers your rent (in coins) by 25% (looks like the dwarven ringmail tunic HQ chest)
  • Mystic Moppet Billy Disguise – Annoy other the way Billy annoyed you
  • 3 Drafts of the Skilled – +55% trade skill experience for 1 hour
  • 3 Drafts of the Wise – +55% adventure experience for 1 hour

Not a bad spread for a four year reward.

And since 1,461 days is four years plus one day (there has been no leap day for EQ2 yet… so I predict another cataclysm on February 29th, 2008) all of these goodies should be mine.

But they are not.

I type /claim and they are not on the list. (Though a lot of stuff still is!  I still have unclaimed items from Desert of Flames!)

This wouldn’t matter expect that Gaff has been lording it over me, since he got his four year rewards yesterday!  Damn his eyes!

Well, he mentioned it.  Once.

Still, honor is at stake!  I am going to have to petition this!  I will not be denied!

Okay, maybe honor can wait a day or two, but no more!

In the mean time, I can stare at the rewards on the EQ2 Players site… at least I can if that damn Circuit City ad will stop popping up and obscuring my view!

[Addendum: It looks like you get on per character, as opposed to the past where you were limited to 3 characters claiming the reward.]

11 thoughts on “EverQuest II Four Year Veteran Rewards

  1. mrrx

    Eh – I’m underwhelmed.

    I never use the draughts because…. I don’t want to waste them. I want to use them when I’m going to grind for a solid hour, and that time never comes. OK, maybe this is a personal problem.

    I can lower my rent from 5s to 3s75c ? Wooooo. Titles are nice but I have over a dozen already.

    Give me another 10% off broker box – that was an awesome reward !


  2. Gaff

    I got it on one account, but not on another. Yet another bug. I asked in my guild channel with mixed results–a number of people have not received theirs either.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, Mrrx, I have the exact same issue with the draughts. I always want to save them until I know I will be able to maximize their usage. So Blintz has 9, and will soon have 12, of those draughts from various rewards and I have never used a single one.

    I have used the trade skill draughts once in a while. I used to trade skill while on conference calls, and those calls always outlasted the duration of the draught.

    I actually have a bigger house for Vikund, my main selling channel, so I am happy to cut his rent a bit.

    But I will agree, it will be hard to beat that sales box that cut the broker’s fee in half. And when they allowed us to sell from more than a single character at once, it was triple goodness.

    All in all though, I am pretty happy with what they gave us. But I have low expectations.


  4. micgo


    I submitted a support request to SOE about this very same issue (my account start on Nov. 10, 2004) and received a reply the next day.

    Basically, we are all supposed to wait until Tuesday. If the rewards have not been credited, then players need to either a) reply to an already created petition or b)create a petition.

    On an additional EQ2 note, I have read in a few places that because of the pre-order Burnai(?) confusion, SOE is planning on giving the pet to everyone that owns RoK. This is still rumor and speculation, but for people like me that pre-ordered in the real world and not online, it’s good news.


  5. dmosbon

    Tabula Rasa seems to be following this lead with rewards for veterans starting with a 1 month reward (emotes) followed by rewards every 3 months.

    Have you tried TR yet?


  6. Debes

    You got some emotes if you were in beta as well for TR, along with 15 days free playtime if you buy a month of retail. (not good enough for me to pay at all, though…)


  7. cyanbane

    I used my draughts the week before Kunark came out on those bonus xp sundays, they were heaven sent and I went from 66 (almost 67) to 69 playing both those Sundays. I am like you guys though and have a hard time actually using them, but once you do…

    Draughs 4 eva!!



  8. Stargrace

    I got my 4 year rewards just fine the day after Kunark came out, but I’m like the rest who hoard their potions and save them for some rainy day that hasn’t occurred yet. Though I am mighty tempted to use the crafting ones to get to 80 on Stargrace (sitting at 73, yawns) there’s no real reason to use the exp ones.


  9. Bren

    Petition with the title 4 year veteran rewards. My claims were unavailable on my “4 year” character born November 9th, 2004. I was a little ticked so I petitioned them thinking that nothing would come of it… but about two days later my rewards showed up.

    Give it a try and good luck


  10. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    My reward was available today. It looks like you get to claim it with all of your characters this time around. Past rewards were limited to three characters claiming them.


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