Cargo Rigs and Hauling

I finally got together enough alloyed tritanium bars to make two Cargohold Optimization I rigs for my Mammoth.

I decided to build rather than buy based on some pretty easy calculations.

On the market in my region of space, Cargohold Optimization I rigs sell for 43 to 50 million ISK each.

The blueprints for the rig cost 112,500 ISK.

The parts required by the basic blueprint are:

115 Alloyed Tritanium Bars  – 34,500,000 ISK   (300K ISK each)
136 Fried Interface Circuits – 5,440,000 ISK  (40K ISK each)
78 Tripped Power Circuits – 2,340,000 ISK (30K ISK each)

Total: 42,392,500 ISK (plus manufacturing costs)

So anybody selling at 43 million ISK is not exactly making a killing on the market, at least not without some additional effort.

I thought I ought put in that sort of effort to try to get that price down a little bit.

I spent 167,372 ISK on getting the blueprints to material efficiency level 20, which along with my level 4 skill in Production Efficiency brought the materials down to:

100 Alloyed Tritanium Bars  – 30,000,000 ISK   (300K ISK each)
124 Fried Interface Circuits – 5,440,000 ISK  (40K ISK each)
68 Tripped Power Circuits – 2,340,000 ISK (30K ISK each)

Which brought the total for the first rig down to 37,279,872 ISK (plus manufacturing costs), a savings of 5,112,628 ISK or nearly 12%. 

While I had to wait nearly 20 days for the material research to run on the blueprints (during which time I also trained up my production efficiency), it clearly paid for itself right off the bat. 

While I waited for the material research to finish up, I went about the collection process to make sure I had the materials to make two rigs.

Once I had the blueprints done and the materials in place, I did the production run, which took less than 20 minutes.

Fitted to my Mammoth, I was able to load up a couple more Giant Secure Containers in the hold, bringing my total to 7, and raising my total hauling capacity to 29,890 cubic meters of cargo.  I can now haul more than a jet can worth of ore.

So now the jet can is a bottle neck along with the asteroids.  But any real life (or virtual life) system has a bottle neck somewhere.

I saw a Cargohold Optimization II rig for sale in my region.  The price being asked was nearly half a billion ISK.  I have to wonder what the price of researching that blueprint must be.

5 thoughts on “Cargo Rigs and Hauling

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    Tech II rigs BPOs do not exist. Tech II rig BPCs can only be invented.

    The downside to that is you need to get into invention to get them, and the cost of producing those BPCs can be expensive. The upside? No competition from BPO holders so the profits can be quite high.


  2. Saylah

    I never stayed long enough to get as involved as you have with EVE. Regardless, I always enjoy reading about your activities. The one thing that I did like about EVE was that it left so much to the imagination by not having avatars are the ability to see each other in game. It’s very sandbox-like much as, hold on to your hat, The Sims or (hurl) Second Life. You are whatever role you choose for yourself and can achieve anything and everything you aspire to if you’re willing to put in the time.

    However, I’ve realized for myself as a gamer, that the complete sandbox doesnt work for me long term. I lose interest and go on to play something where the goals are more clearly defined. I guess if I wanted to “think” that much I’d probably go write instead of play. :-)

    Regardless, I still enjoy reading about games such as EVE from other players. You’ve come so far since you first went back to EVE. It must feel like a really great accomplishment.


  3. Scott

    Looks like I need to check into rig BPOs next. :)

    I’ve been doing ship and component production with one account, and do PvP on my 2nd account.

    Just bought a Freighter for my industry character too and found a few markets to exploit buying low, hauling, and selling high in mass quantity.


  4. Demondrew

    I always held back on rigging my mammoths until i red your post and bought all the bpo’s in a package off the forums.
    I then started making Rigs for alliance mates and selling what I had left over. I run with some cool cats that mine and do some moon mining as well so the demand for a cheaper massive deep 0.0 hauler was needed.
    I did as you did and rigged my cheap mammoths ( I bought that bpo as well) and put tractor beam and a cloak on it 29K m3 that can tractor and cloak has been a god send. Furthermore when I know im going to run into reds the stabbed out mammoth with rigs keeps cargo safe but also makes up for the loss of the t2 expanders in a small way.

    Love the blog great to see another person that views online gaming as a massive part of fun in life and also looks at as a great hobby.

    Vae Victis Alliance


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