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Perpetual Contest Machine

I am stealing Two Hammers’ headline from Game Bunny and make it my own.

As with the cancellation of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the news of Perpetual going into liquidation while it is sitting on top of the MMO franchise for Star Trek has the potential to be a gold mine for snarky headlines. 

I have seen some good tries, like the ones below:

“Perpetual Cancelation Machine”  –Game Bunny

“On stun-but not shocked” –The Common Sense Gamer

“The Final Frontier” –Clockwork Gamer

Tribbles under new ownership” –Tobold’s MMORPG Blog

But I have yet to see one that really lives up to the huge expectations that the source material should allow.  This is freakin’ Trek, right?

So I am declaring another minor contest. 

Stop trying to figure out what level of support you want to give VirginWorlds for a minute and put on your thinking caps.

To enter, in the comments for this post you may either:

1) Make up your own headline about the uncertain future of Star Trek Online

2) Point us all at a worthy headline that you or somebody else has already used

The Prize:  The winner will be featured in a post declaring his or her fine taste, wit, and wisdom and generally praising them with great praise.  If the winner has a web site, blog, podcast, or something else they would like linked, that will be included. (Since this will no doubt be a topic for Shut Up We’re Talking #15, maybe Darren will let me announce the winner on the show.)

All entries must be in by 23:59 GMT, Friday, December 7th, 2007. (A date that will live in infamy.) 

Multiple entries will be accepted, but too many will dilute your chances.  If you want to ammend, delete, or otherwise alter your entry before the deadline, use the form on the About page.

The winner will be picked by the Saturday Night Permanent Floating Instance Group, current members of the Shades of Twilight Guild that feel inclined to participate, and perhaps a host or two from Shut Up We’re Talking. (But no judge can enter and no entrant can judge. )

In event of a tie, I will simply go with the FDR plan, pack the supreme court, and get the results I want… only I’ll make it work.


  • Brevity is the soul of wit
  • Quality trumps quantity (Think twice, post once)
  • With puns, the worse they are, the better they are
  • Latin is good: We have lawyers and scholars on staff
  • Acknowledge the work of others: We have lawyers and scholars on staff
  • References can be too obscure, but you will have to work hard to get there
  • Obscure references with bad puns in Klingon have the potential to steal the show

[If you need some Trek inspiration, you can always check out this Wired article.]

And Then 59

I decided after getting that easy, discovery experience lift into level 58 that I should get out and try to get a little close to 60.

Kendricke had suggested I look at the Isle of Mara, the setting for the The Fallen Dynasty adventure pack and the only place in the game where you can put money down on a pig race.  Since I have chewed through the meat of the quests in Pillars of Flame and Lesser Faydark, I thought I would give Mara a spin.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I had been to Mara before, back when I had Station Access, and had run through some of the lower level quests.  There were a few left for me still and, once there, I decided to quaff one of my 55% experience bonus elixirs (only 11 left!) and grind pirates for a while.  They were not worth much experience however, and I ended up heading back to the Pillars of Flame to finish up two quests there and to grind some harpies (better exp, or so it seemed to me) while my experience buff lasted.

While on the Isle of Mara I did see the most curious bear corpse. 


That bear seemed a little drowsy perhaps, but still quite alive to me. [Insert Holy Grail quote from the “bring out your dead” scene here]

But off to the Pillars of Flame The trip was: Recall to Kelethin, run to Butcherblock, evac to the docks, take the carpet to the desert, another carpet to the tears, and run on into PoF.  That sounds like a chore, but took me less time than five manual system jumps in EVE.

Once there, I ran down the clock on my elixir with the harpies, actually completing the harpy mastery quest, which gave me a nice new attack to use on them.  Then I finished up a couple more quests in the zone before I was left with nothing but heroic quests to do.  At this point I was 30% into level, which wasn’t bad considering I started out about 1 experience point into level 58, but I still had a ways to go for another level.

I decided to buy a vowel, so to speak.  Or several vowels.  I recalled back to Kelethin again and hit the broker to buy out a few more collection quests.  I actually spent a few plat on quest items just to finish them out, but the net total was only 45% of a level. 

I need to get into some higher level collection quests.  Those bone quests just are not doing it any more, even if they do give me ever more goofy screen shot potential.  Eeek!  Flying Ratonga!


There I was in Kelethin with 25% of a level to go.  I opened up my quest journal to see what I might have available.

I had a series of heroic quests in Lesser Faydark, but there were also a couple of solo quests and a couple of writs I could do.  So off I went.

Even after a few levels in Lesser Faydark, I still do not have my bearings.  It is another one of those zones, like Feerrott, where to get where I want to be I have to start travelling in the opposite direction first to get around to that point.

Eventually I ended up in a dark corner of the zone where some level 60 solo quests lurked.  Also there were a series of giant shadow men and other strange creatures.  Fortunately, none of them appeared to be able to see through stealth, so Blintz was able to sneak around the around and strike when the coast was clear.  A swashbuckler can take on a mob a level or two above his level with a good chance of winning, but when it becomes two or three, the odds go down dramatically.

In the end I was able to get through the quests, then grind out a few more shadow men for the level.


Blintz is still fairly secure as my highest level character in any level based MMO.  But he will have to watch out.  Vikund, my paladin in World of Warcraft is 54 and the road to 60 just got a lot easier in Azeroth.