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November in Review

The Site

Since WordPress.com has changed up their configuration to allow both posting categories (permanent high level topics) as well as tags (sub categories you can add on the fly) I have re-arranged a bit of the site.

Most interesting, at least to me, was adding in an Instance Group tag to all of our WoW instance adventures.  So now you can see them all by just clicking on that tag.

I also hid the characters page for now due to the seeming demise of the site EQsig.com.  The site is still there, but it is no longer generating signature files, so all of my EverQuest and EverQuest II sigs were failing to load.

And then there was a bit of site traffic humor.  It seems that my post “WoW Patch 2.3 Coming… Slowly” got some traction on the search engines.  The days around the patch release showed a pretty substantial spike in page views.  You can see this spike on the page views per day chart below:


The spike is also shown on Blogflux tracking chart:


I use Blogflux to give me some sort of external measure of page views.  It isn’t that I do not trust WordPress.com, but they do not give you a ton of site data and they have things setup so you are pretty limited in what 3rd party tools you can use to get stats.  So I can verify that WordPress’ stats are reasonably accurate.  Plus Blogflux let me see that the unique user count, which WordPress does not give me, tracks page views pretty well.  All those page views are just on stalker.  It is just too bad that I did so bad on that second November the 4th this year.  That day went by so fast, I barely remember it.  Was that some sort of Daylight Savings Time adjunct?

On Year Ago

The WoW Saturday Night Permenant Floating Instance Group finished up Blackfathom Deeps, The Stockades, Shadowfang Keep, and started in on Razorfen Kraul.

In EverQuest, I picked up The Serpent’s Spine and tried running a new character though some of the new level 1-70 content.  I also set out a minor goal of taking screen shots to compare Faydwer in EQ and Faydwer in EQII that lead to posts about Kaladim and Kelethin.  Come to think of it, I took a lot more screen shots of places and never posted them.  Some day.

And in EverQuest II, Echoes of Faydwer came out.  Once I found a copy and got past the patching process and into the game, I made a fae swashbuckler and went to town.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN.  I encourage you to give them a visit in return.

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Best Search Terms

war games for 166mhz computer
[There were some good ones.  I don’t know where they are today.]

strongbadia pen
[Mentioned once here, I now get hits on this search every month.  The Brothers Chaps need to bring back the pen!]

avatar go away
[Try logging off]

EVE Online

I have hit something of a plateau in EVE, at least when it comes to mining.  Once I bought and had skills ready for the Hulk, the Strip Miner IIs, and the tech II crystals for the Strip Miner IIs (Oh, yeah, you need skills to the fit crystals!), I started to reach a point where big gains in ore mining were behind me.  I have fiddled with mining drones, which means I trained more skills.  But even with Drones V, Mining Drone Operation IV, Drone Navigation IV, and Drone Interfacing IV, mining with drones is pretty inefficient unless you are right next to a Concentrated Veldspar asteroid.  Then the drones seem to be worth having active, but only just.

Still, mining pays the bills for other activities: Production, research, invention.

I also started in on level III missions, but the results of that are for future posts.


A new expansion came out which, along with the weather, and the general sense of nostalgia it brings on, has made me want to poke my nose back in the game.  Too bad it ab ends every time I try to log in to the game.  My current CPU is a mess though.  That might be for the best, given that I don’t really have the time.

EverQuest II

A new expansion and more nostalgia.  I avoided the game for the first few days after release, as the usual woes of expansion day were delivered upon us.  I did play a bit in the beta, where I made a pink Sarnak with my daughter. (Try explaining to a five year old that their pink dragon person is gone because it was only “beta.”)  Both in beta and my poking around on the periphery of the new areas after the release has shown that the expansion is a bit tougher on my system than the older stuff.  Or so it seems.  But, my system is a mess, as I said.  Still, I managed to get to level 60.

World of Warcraft

The permanent floating Saturday night instance group and riot club (can you say “flash instance?”) managed to make its way through Sunken Temple both before and after patch 2.3.  We took a week off as both I and Bung had other things going on Saturday night, but we are poised (and in my case, camped near by) to hit Blackrock Depths this weekend.  The major worry of the group: Can we finish the remaining pre-Burning Crusade instances before we all hit level 60?  That and, “Can we resist the dark portal and the lure of easy gear upgrades?” when we get to 58 are real questions.


LEGO Star Wars – The Complete Saga.  I should not have to say anything more.  And then GameFly sent us Pokemon Battle Revolution.  Now my daughter seems a bit more interested in that, which is a shame, because it is only a single player game. (And it is really focused on people who have the Nintendo DS Pokemon games.) Still, she promised she would play LEGO Star Wars with me.  I want to finish out the whole game. (Currently 45% complete) before Christmas comes, as there is a rumor that Mrs. Claus has Super Mario Galaxies: Jump to Koopa-speed ready for somebody’s stocking. (Good thing somebody doesn’t read my blog… yet.)


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