The Road to Invention!

I have grown used to something of a regular pattern EVE Online, at least when it comes to equipment and abilities. The general rule seemed, to me, to be:

Once you have learned the minimum skills, you can use the item or ability it unlocks.

You may not be very efficient or effective with it, but you can learn more skills to help you with that. The key item is that if you only wanted to do a single thing, you could get the skill and do it as badly or as slowly as you wanted.

If I want to use a medium hybrid turret, I just need the right skill. I may not be accurate or do much damage, but I can mount the thing on my ship and blaze away for all I am worth.

Similarly, if I want to use a blueprint to make 150,000 Widowmaker missiles, I need only the skills and the raw materials and I am set.

Basically, everything is out in the open. If you cannot do something, you know why. If you cannot do something well, you can find out easily how to improve.

And so, when I decided to venture down the road of Invention in EVE Online, that was my pre-conceived notion. Learn the skills, do the inventing.

I figured the main barrier to invention was the price and scarcity of the skills.

I decided I wanted to make a Tech II blueprint copy of my Cargohold Optimization Rig blueprint.

To get there required an arm’s length of skill learning. While some of the skills were a bit pricey, running in the 10-20 million ISK range, nothing ranked up there with Minmatar Encryption Methods. There was exactly one of that skill on the market and the price tag weighed in at 139 million ISK.

But I was determined. I bought the skills and trained them.

The data cores were over a million ISK each, and invention called for four of them, plus a Cryptic Tuner Data Interface, which could only be had for 35 million ISK.

But I was game. I spent my money, trained my skills, copied the blueprint, and ran off to do invention for the very first time.

Unlike material efficiency, or copying for that matter, there were plenty of slots available for invention.

So I put everything I needed, the blueprint copy, the data cores, and the interface, into the items window at the station, opened up the Science and Industry window, selected one of the many free invention slots, installed my job, and then waited.

Even the wait was not that long. Inventing was going to take me less than three hours.

So I started thinking about what to do with this spiffy, new, tech II blueprint I would be producing.

Should I keep it and try to sell it?

If I kept it, I would hold the source of production. But the materials costs are pretty steep, and I was already in the hole over 200 million ISK at this point.

No, I should sell it. But for how much? Enough to cover my costs, of course. But for how much beyond that? How much would this blueprint copy be worth? There were none listed in the contracts for my region. It could be very valuable indeed. This could set me up for a lot of other activities. This could be my big score!

Or so my thoughts ran while I waited.

I ignored the usual warning signs of doom, the thought that I was going to get a huge benefit from a relatively easy (if expensive) task.

And, finally, the timer popped, invention was over! It was time to reap what I had sewn!

I opened up the Science and Industry window and told it to deliver the completed job.

And I got this message:



ZOMG!!! WTF?!?!?!

What does it mean “I’ve got a good feel for this job?” Is there some hidden stat that determines this? What beyond the skills do I need?

Obviously there is more to this invention stuff than skills and an empty invention slot.

Well, at least I made two copies of the blueprint, so I don’t have to wait for another copy to be made before I try again. Yes, it ate the blueprint copy as part of the process.

And the four data cores.

At least the data interface did not get consumed. That is 35 million ISK saved.

I knew, somewhere inside of me, that this seemed too easy.

But I feel a bit betrayed by CCP on this.  Here is something that violates the patterns established by the game.  Here is, apparently some hidden stat or attribute, a concept that seems contrary to the way the game is laid out.

Time to go see what I can find on invention.

7 thoughts on “The Road to Invention!

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    Invention is chance based. Modules have the best base success rate around 40%, Rigs are base 30%, and ships are about 20%. (Trinity is upping the success rate on smaller ships though, but probably still lower than mods).

    Also, your skill required in the invention attempt affect the success rate a little. Make sure your Minmatar Encryption Skill and the related science skills are at LEASY IV before trying too many attempts. :)

    Also, have you looked into what is required to build the Tech II Cargohold Optimization module? More skills and expensive parts. :/ Still, perhaps selling the BPC might get your money back.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, it is good to know that there isn’t a secret attribute or score on invention. The phrase “You’ve got a good feel for this job” seems to me to imply I learned something.

    You’ve learned something new about Invetion! (2)

    I was actually plotting out the path to doing R&D missions in hopes of improving this invisible skill. I may still do that (skills to learn first) just to get some data cores.

    And, yes, I have looked into what it would take to make that Tech II rig. I can see why the only one for sale on the market is priced at 500 million. Selling the BPC seemed to be the most likely route for me.


  3. mightydar

    While you feel the pain, think of all the laughs you have just given everyone. Is that not worth the ISK spent?


  4. Captain Braddock

    best tip hang out in the invention channel there you can learn quite a lot and even ask stupid questions :)
    from your invention perspective each invention allows the use of an decryptor ( item that changes your result:chance at succes ,result ME,number of runs in the result)
    it also allows that an item is stuck in there with the invention to increace success rate. best tip there get the highest metalevel you can find (view item info , attributes last entry)
    This should help you .
    And the last one keep trying it’s chance based so some will fail some will succeed..
    Getting all your skills up to lev 5 needed for the invention helps too :)
    i’m trying to get the gallante to lev 5 (just finished) now forcing the starship engineering and the mechanical engineering to lev 5 (22 days for each :( )
    you might wanne look at exploration too becauz there you get your decryptors and interfaces from…(radar sites in 0.0 or low sec very low sec.
    btw read the latest patch comming on wednesday they are going to make it possible to select the result if more then 1 is possible(example given command ships)

    in any case good luck and happy inventing

    Captain Braddock
    The Chaos Legion Salutes you
    A place where noobs can learn the game and have fun..


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