Daily Archives: December 10, 2007

The Hageken Space Needle

The Hageken Board Tourism and Trade invites you to come and see the fabulous Hageken Space Needle!


It might not be fully apparent, but the “structure” of the space needle is three dimensional, consisting of two elongated pyramids sharing a base, all made from carefully placed secure cargo containers.

I have no idea how long this took to make, but it was clearly not a trivial task.

Shut Up We’re Talking #15

“Shut Up We’re Talking,” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective just posted episode fifteen.

The regular host, Darren of The Commen Sense Gamer was joined by a group of show veterans:

Brent from VirginWorlds
Cameron from Random Battle
John from… here… that’s me.


  • Introductions
  • Show Sponsors
  • Listener Mail – From Token and JoseJones
  • What we’re playing – No beta talk this time
  • STO:WTF – Perpetual confuses us – We reference Tipa
  • Loving the Grind – Nerfbat is right, we love the grind
  • Settle the Score – Is Hellgate:London an MMO? We pound on the table then redefine terms
  • BlizzActivision – Mergers, money, MBAs, and the future, with a nod to Sanya
  • Balance in Blogging – Kevin asks how do we do it… some of us don’t
  • Blog of the Week – KrazyKinux’s Musing
  • Out Takes – Mostly about aliens

The show runs for one hour and thirty three minutes and you can get it here as well as via iTunes.

Thanks once again to Darren for having us all on. The show is always a lot of fun to do.