The Hageken Space Needle

The Hageken Board Tourism and Trade invites you to come and see the fabulous Hageken Space Needle!


It might not be fully apparent, but the “structure” of the space needle is three dimensional, consisting of two elongated pyramids sharing a base, all made from carefully placed secure cargo containers.

I have no idea how long this took to make, but it was clearly not a trivial task.

4 thoughts on “The Hageken Space Needle

  1. Debes

    Google “eve can art” or search on eve-files for “can art” or similar. Plenty of cool things. There used to be a Bullhead put up by COW in m-m,, but it was doomsdayed or something. There’s still afaik a giant VIH in uplingur (my old corp). It’s pretty cool.


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