Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Perpetual Contest Machine Results

The votes are in. As announced on Shut up We’re Talking episode #15, the winners of the Perpetual Headline Contest have been chosen.

I did it a little bit differently this time around. Each judge picked a first, second, and third place choice. First place received 10 points, second place 5 points, and third place 2 points.

That scoring system lead to the following results:

First Place: Warp Factor None

Second Place: Star Trek Online is KhaaAAAAaancelled

  • From: Brent from VirginWorlds
  • Score: 17 points
  • Deciding Factor: Levity
  • Award: Praise

Third Place: Initiating Perpetual-Destruct Sequence

  • From: Krones from Plaguelands (and Massively)
  • Score: 15 points
  • Deciding Factor: Longevity
  • Award: Thumbs up

So congratulations to Jonathan for the top entry! His wit is hereby declared the winner in this contest! You will have to go listen to The Online Gamer’s Anthology podcast to further bask in his wisdom.

All of the top three winners should feel free to place this contest prominently on their respective resumes.

Thank you to the eight people who helped me judge. The panel included Gaff, Potshot, and White Kitten as well as several people who neither blog themselves nor read this blog with any regularity.

All of that said, I must say I am surprised that there were no entries based on the phrase, “Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a <blank>!”

Maybe I’m just old and cranky myself.