The Best Armory Feature

Some time back Blizzard introduced an addition to their website called The Armory. It is linked off of the main World of Warcraft site and allows you to see all sorts of details about your character. You can see the view from my main character, Vikund, here:


There is not anything phenomenal about the information you get. gives you all of that and a lot more. (Although you have to pay SOE a monthly fee to get access to some of that “a lot more.”)

So for a long time I was somewhat dismissive of the effort that Blizzard put into its Armory site. Been there. Done that. Seen better.

But then I noticed one additional thing, one special feature.


Find an upgrade!

There was a time, now a distant memory, when I could keep a mental tally of the itemization in a game. I knew what equipment to aspire to, what zones I had to do to get it, and what items would keep me going until I got there.

That time was in Toril MUD in 1995 or so.

Today, in games like EverQuest or World of Warcraft, where the itemization is vast compared to the days of MUDing, and when the time I spend with them is considerably reduced, there is no way I can keep track of what I should be aiming for. It is purely a chance game for me when it comes to upgrades.

EverQuest II and EVE Online are a little better. I know, in EQ2, what basic items I should grab at the beginning of each ten level tier. And in EVE, if I can figure out what something does (e.g. Do I want to boost, harden, reinforce, or expand my shields?) the item description itself lists the variations of the item.

But otherwise, in games like WoW, where I leave things to chance, I tend to end up wearing out dated equipment.

Vikund is level 57 now, but the item pictured above, Gazlowe’s Charm, is a level 36 neck piece.

It is a very GOOD level 36 neck piece, but good enough to still be wearing at level 57? Probably not. But nothing better has come my way.

So The Armory will give me a list of possible candidates to replace Gazlowe’s charm.

Unfortunately, there is another hiccup. A lot of the items it suggests are listed at containing a “random enchantment.” So I cannot really see what I would be getting. Other items on the list have some better stats, but not enough that I would drop my current item. A boost in stamina but a -5 hit to strength, for example, won’t work for me.

Still, the list is a starting place, and a better one than I have in most games.

2 thoughts on “The Best Armory Feature

  1. Greg

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got a couple of suggested upgrades that shouldn’t be too hard to get. I leveled a paladin to 70 with this sort of gear and although I was retribution spec, it should still serve you well.

    The best way to look for upgrades in the lists of gear is to arrange by level, then look for all the ones around 58-60. Some of the greens and blues will be obviously much better than other gear of that level, these are probably from Hellfire Pensuila.

    A lot of these will be quest rewards and need you to be lvl 58, but seeing as many of them are equivalent to Tier 1 gear, they’re worth doing inbetween instance runs. Two examples:

    Neck – Imbued Chain

    Shield – Adamantine Kite Shield

    Another suggestion would be to check the Auction House for plate armour around 57-60, and look for ones named ***** of the Beast/Bandit/Champion/Eldar/Bear/Eagle. Chances are you’ll see very good greens with around 20+sta, 20+str, etc (depending on armour location). I bought a lot of these and found them to be a huge upgrade from the Azerothian gear I’d previously had.

    I just checked the AH on my server and found a number of armour peices in this range that cost between 4-10g at most. Now, of course, I don’t know how much gold you have or the prices on your server, but it shouldn’t be too expensive to gear yourself this way, especially once you start doing the quests in Outland. They give lots and lots of gold and good gear.

    Sorry for the length of this, ended up being longer than I intended, but I hope it helps :)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I will take a look into the items you suggest..

    I have been looking at the AH fairly regularly and pickings seem to be pretty slim for plate pieces in my level range. I literally selected plate and the level range 52-57 the other day and got back 3 matching items. Oy!

    Thanks for the tips!


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