MMO Blogger Interviews at World IV

The team over at World IV, Tachevert and Tuebit, have started up a series of interviews with MMO bloggers of note.

So far they have interviewed the widely read Tobold, the industry insider Cuppycake, and, in the classic comedic tradition of the triple, the often mocked… um… me.

As I understand it, this will be an ongoing series, so check back there once in a while.

My wife, having read the interview, appreciated being called loving and understanding (and confirmed that the “at least I am at home” line was totally not working any more), but felt I could have said more.

So I just want to mention that she is completely hot, a better cook than my mother, and could have totally done better than me, but I enchanted her with my blue eyes and the written word. (I can write a heck of a mash note when I put my mind to it.)

And younger than me!  She is not as old as I am!

Oh, and she reads this blog every day.

2 thoughts on “MMO Blogger Interviews at World IV

  1. Tuebit

    We’ll have to add that as a standard item in the list of questions … “Please wax poetic for a while about your significant other.” ;)

    Thanks for taking the time to “speak” with us!


  2. syncaine

    The real question is, does she ‘read’ the blog, or skim it? My significant other generally only skims my blog, unless I write about something directly related to her.


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