Honey, I Shrank The Owlbears!

Okay, who has been messing with the fauna in Nektulos Forest?


Gaff asked if I wanted to do the heritage quest Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians with his third set of alts. (He has already leveled up his main and another set of alts past me, slug that I am.) I told him I had the quest and that I was at some step past the owlbear meat collection.

Of course, I logged on last night and found out that I was still on the owlbear meat collection stage, so I decided to catch up, as Gaff has reported that part finished with his multi-box crew.

I headed out to Nek Forest and ran off to the corner where the owlbears have now been banished. Somehow they, and the firelight shrillers, lost their premium spot astride the main path through the woods. I tell you, it is all politics in Nek Forest.

I started looking around for them, but the area seemed empty. Empty until I saw a little movement in the grass.


Holy crap, those aren’t owlbears! Those are… owlhamsters, or owlpotbellied pigs.

Seriously, they used to be… you know… bear sized. Like this.


Now, with my new video card and the graphics turned up a bit, I was missing them in the foliage.


Is this some aspect of Frostfell I have overlooked in the past?

Anyway, using tracking and keeping my eyes on the ground, I managed to hunt down the owlbears I needed to complete the stage. It is a good thing I did not need all 60, as they were blending in quite well with the ground cover.

Finishing that up, I went to find the big Dragoon, but he was taking a powder, so I wandered into a building of some sort that appeared to have been put up since I last visited.


I thought perhaps the Dragoon had a new house built, since they appeared to have cleaned out the trailer park that he used to live in. (If you remember what his area used to look like, you know what I mean by that.)

Of course, I went straight into the building because, if MMOs have taught me anything, they have taught me to barge straight into the homes of strangers, in case they have something nice or a quest to give you!

But it turned out not to be a house.

Instead, it was the entrance to Darklight Wood, home of the emo fae and the oxymoron capital of Norrath.

(Believe me, do not bother trying to order jumbo shrimp in Darklight Wood, they totally do not do irony there.)

So I did what anybody does when they find themselves in the opposing faction’s home town.

I made witty conversation!


I tried to be helpful to the locals.


And I generally tried to fit in.


Eventually I figured out that they must speak another language in Darklight Wood, as nobody seemed to acknowledge anything I had to say.

So I headed back to the Dragoon, who was still taking a powder somewhere. Once he shows up, I will be ready to do the next stage with Gaff.

3 thoughts on “Honey, I Shrank The Owlbears!

  1. Stargrace

    Owlbears were given a ‘small’ revamp not too long ago when they overhauled Nektulos Forest (with the release of Darklight Woods and the goth moths) so it’s not a Frostfell thing. Maybe someone complained about the size of the owlbear dropping they were having to clean up on a daily basis. At least the amount is reduced now. ;)


  2. tipa

    If you did the Darklight Wood quest that gives you an owlbear pet, the NPCs explain that the smaller owlbears are the males of the species, and you have stumbled upon their mating grounds. The males (who, like penguins, protect and incubate the eggs), never leave the hatchery.

    The quest, by the way, gives you a remote control male owlbear to use to try and do a sexy dance for the female owlbear so that she will give you one of her eggs…


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ah, so it is like Santa’s reindeer, we’ve only seen the females up to this point?

    (Because we all know that in December only the female reindeer still have their antlers, and since Santa’s crew is always depicted as full horned, they have to be an all girl team.)

    My time spent in Darklight Wood is probably under the 20 minute mark at this point, so I did not run across that quest.

    (Though, after looking it up, it appears I was standing about five feet from the quest giver in that last picture.)


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