Daily Archives: December 24, 2007

62 and Xegonite

I have been falling behind a bit in my writing. Almost two weeks back Gaff got out a pair of his characters, mentored down, and helped Blintz clear out most of the heroic quests he had left in Lesser Faydark.

That was not quite enough to get a level for Blintz, so we headed to the Kingdom of the Sky and the Sanctum of the Scaleborn to finish up a few quests in there. We fought our way pretty much into the center of the zone before Blintz finally ticked over to 62.


One of the things I like about the compass UI I use is that it shows not just the zone, but the location as well.

Of course, the biggest thing about hitting 62 is that Blintz got to move up to the Xegonite armor that I asked Gaff to make for him back in July. Here is Blintz showing it off.


It is a bit different than the previous patterns, as it appears to be sleeveless. Blintz has on the mantle and arms for the suit, but his arms are bare all the same.

The annoying part is that the Legendary Jouneryman’s Boots have finally fallen behind in stats, so Blintz is losing his speed boost. Now he only had the scout spell Pathfinding, and that is just a 16% boots to out of combat speed.

As much as I love Fae glide, I might have to go buy Blintz a horse for travel.