Level 60 In Azeroth

Last night, during the instance group’s “off night,” my paladin, Vikund, hit level 60 at last.


After our Scholomance run he had less than a quarter of a level to go, so the level was going to come by Saturday in any case.

Of course, with level 60 there came a whole bunch of skill updates… nearly 60 gold worth of them! Ouch.

And then there was the 150 gold to kick off the quest for my epic mount… okay, that is less than most other classes pay, but I still had to pool my gold across characters to pay it.

In our group, Ula and Bungholio also hit level 60 last night, leaving only Earl at 59.

5 thoughts on “Level 60 In Azeroth

  1. Wondering

    Hi, I was just wondering — do you not have The Burning Crusade? I was kind of surprised that you’d be going through stuff like Scholomance, BRD, etc.


  2. Greg

    Don’t forget Dire Maul West if you’re going for your charger. You’ll need to get a key from DM East to open the door though, or you can do it the easy way by taking off all your gear, dying next to the door into DMWest, then ressing on the other side of the door. Thats what I did for my charger. No durability loss and a ton of saved time by skipping getting the Crystalforged Key or whichever one it is for DM.


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