Into The Burning Sea

The Pirates of the Burning Sea pre-boarding party/pre-order/early bird start began yesterday.

For those not in the beta but in possession of a pre-order box (which had the sound track and a pair of product keys and not much else) getting started meant downloading more than 5 GB of installer and data.

That part actually went pretty smoothly for me. I was home from work (one more day of vacation before the return to the office) so got to begin the download just after 10 am Pacific time.

A power blip that turned off my computer kept things from being perfect, but by mid-afternoon the files were all downloaded and by the evening I had time to install and log into the game.

As stated before, I rolled up on the Guadeloupe server and by mutual agreement between Potshot, Gaff, and myself, went French. We figured that would be something of a contrarian play, plus, as I pointed out, bad French accents on Skype are much more palatable than bad English (think Ren-Faire nightmare) or bad Spanish (which I can do, but it requires a lot of lisping to be authentic) accents.

Just to give myself something of an out, and another accent to work with, I gave my first character a German name, Germans show up just about anywhere during that time frame. So I present Friedrich Voss, Freetrader.


He’s bald under that hat.

I am a little disappointed that the “print screen” key does not take screen shots. Still, it can be done the old fashioned way, by hitting that key than tabbing out to paste into a graphics program.

For a first night, things were not too bad. No flying colors, but nothing too horrible.

My biggest problem appeared to be lag. Major, long-term, lag, that manifested itself mostly at sea. It took me four tries to complete the tutorial because my boat would sit quite still, refusing to move an inch regardless of where the wind stood or how much sail I laid on.

If I was lucky, I might suddenly warp someplace useful… or the enemy might actually warp within range of my guns, but that luck was uncommon.

Still, I managed to get off a broadside or two and actually sink some ships. Here I am at the second tutorial run, finishing the combat segment.



Yes, the enemy are “Bilge Rats,” so your first quest… your first few combat quests… are literally “Kill n Rats.” Some humor in that I suppose.

Unfortunately, after the combat you must rendezvous with another boat, and my own craft stayed resolutely in place for 15 minutes, unable to close the 400 yards between myself and the tutorial end.

At least you can bail on missions mid way through and restart them again in town. And all that tutorial running got me to level 3 pretty quickly.

Later, in attempting another sea combat mission, the lag grew so bad that I decided to call it a night.

For a first night I was able to:

  • Download the client
  • Patch (yes, immediate patch required, 25 mins of download)
  • Create a character
  • Finish the tutorial
  • Find my trainer
  • Do the “around town” tour quest
  • Meet up with Potshot

Compared to some MMO first nights, that isn’t so bad.

Still, they will have to fix the performance issues at sea muy pronto, as tonight was a first night, but a very light one. When things go live for real, that kind of lag could be a disaster.

10 thoughts on “Into The Burning Sea

  1. LadyPao

    It’s not lag, it’s called ‘rubberbanding’ and it’s a known issue, or was when I was in the stress test, and then beta. I am astounded they haven’t fixed this yet – when the thing goes live, players will be screaming.
    They had a thread in the forums on how to fix it. It has to do with the server not knowing where the client (you) ship is – and that in turn had something to do wtih port forwarding on the router. After following their directions to open said ports, I could not fix it. Some people/GMs reported success in fixing the problem by replacing/creating an .ini file – which I also tried, to no avail.
    After trying to make this game work for literally hours, I finally said WTF am I doing? All this to beta test? (And then realized I don’t have the patience/time to be a hardcore beta tester). I uninstalled the game, and from what I saw of its uneveness, I decided not to buy it.
    Hopefully you can find that thread- altho they moved it from a sticky, in some kind of infinite wisdom move, so good luck locating it. If you want to go through the frustration of trying to make a game you paid for work.
    And about a week after I ditched the game, I got a formal invite to beta again. /sigh


  2. p@tsh@t

    There have been some router issues at least with LinkSys routers. Allegedly, older firmware could be a contributor.

    Check this and see if it helps.

    I note that while I was on, at the same time, in the same town, on the same server that I didn’t experience any rubber banding in the open sea or ship combat.

    I’m currently running a netgear router.

    FYI, in game you can hit “P” to print screen, F11 to turn off the UI. I haven’t figured out how to remap P to something normal though.



  3. LadyPao

    Oh yes, true. My router is a LinkSys, not the one they call out in the ‘fix issue thread’ but a newer one. I updated the firmware on it – twice – no fix.
    There’s a lot of LinkSys routers out there. They know about the issue, and should have had a fix in place by now, IMO.
    Can you imagine what the player numbers would have been on WoW if they’d launched with a similarly serious issue?


  4. p@tsh@t

    @LadyPao: /agree. Folks will be turned off awfully quickly if they have to do brain surgery on their AV software, router, etc.

    I recall WoW having a few much more minor communication related issues back in the day though which resulted in frequent disconnects (for me at least). Very frustrating until I found a thread that addressed it. It was hard to tell whether it was video card, ram, drivers, etc. I went through a bunch of hardware swaps only to find I had to tweak something in the TCP/IP settings.

    Still, no excuse in this day and age. People need to be able to install and go, especially entertainment software. Maybe someone out there can explain why certain games require additional ports, etc. to be opened when we live in a nightmarishly complex world of nics, routers, AV software and firewalls/routers….


  5. Tom

    What you should do is look for the guys that do Lag Radio. They are doing the fleet called “We Surrender”. An amusing name for a French fleet no?


  6. Elf

    ‘Click on ship’? Is that part of the tutorial being over-helpful, or are quests defined like this throughout the game? It would break immersion quite badly for me, and would hope that some euphemisms are used to give the impression that you are piloting a ship and not moving a mouse around.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Sacroiliac, non! We represent the marine sacrée of his majesty, Louis the something or other. Honor, dignity, and bad accents! That is our motto!

    The ‘click on ship’ level of assistance I have only noticed in the tutorials. In a live, though very low level, naval combat, it tends to be more “sink these buggers, see you when you’re done!”


  8. Tachevert

    Now that’s a riot. I picked Guadaloupe as well, because it was fun to say. And French, because my heritage is French. What kind of coincidence is that?


  9. Gaff

    I must hijack this thread, as I left port for the open seas this morning. I don’t know how PVP works yet, but I expected after leveling a 70 on a pvp WoW realm to be ganked as soon as I clicked “Open Seas.”

    I must admit, and I do not fault Flying labs, the ships, movement, landscapes/seascapes are all very Pirates! from both the 80s Apple and newer PC version. I am enjoying it…though I wonder what a “tank” is in this game.


  10. GothicBlack

    I was able to get into the beta and did have the same issues. It’s more of a support issue than an issue with the game. The reason PC gaming requires so many changes and so many “extra parts” is because there is no barrier to what may be going on with your user locally.
    Meaning SOE has no control of their user’s computer what hardware they have and what idiot is trying to play their MMO and torrent at the same time while spamming every forum about how horrible the game is.
    What would be ideal is a check of port and bandwidth availability during the installation and/or every run.


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