Daily Archives: January 9, 2008

A Tech II Blueprint At Last!

After eight tries, at roughly 2 million ISK a try, I finally saw this message:


Yes, I successfully created a Cargohold Optimization II Blueprint!

Of course, again, EVE has a new twist in store for me.

The blueprint copies I was working with allowed 100 runs. I thought, somehow, that the number of runs I would end up with on the tech II end of thing would be a number… well.. BIGGER THAN ONE!


250 million ISK invested and I finally see a result, only that result is not so valuable at all.

Yes, much of what I invested went towards skills, which I get to keep and which I can continue to use, but I thought I might be able to get some of my investment back. However, looking at the contracts market, somebody is trying to sell the same blueprint, only with three runs (is that another random factor?) for 50 million ISK and failing, so the outlook for my being able to sell in single run copy for much… if I am able to sell it at all… looks pretty bleak.

Still, I actually possessed the blueprint now. That is something, right?

I thought perhaps I could use the blueprint to produce some tech II rigs myself and sell them to help make some of my money back. But then I looked at the bill of materials.


I have never received any of these items as a salvage drop, so I went to the market to get pricing. I found the following average prices:

  • Interface Circuit: 3 million ISK each (37)
  • Power Circuit: 5 million ISK each (22)
  • Single-crystal Superalloy I-Beam: 6 million ISK each (31)
  • R.A.M.-Armor/Hull Tech: 40K ISK (1 per run)

So to make ONE of these, I need 407 million ISK which, ironically, is almost exactly how much ISK I had when I started this little project. And, if I want to use the blueprint’s single run to its maximum, I would need a cool 4 billion ISK. Ouch.

So it appears that in my desire to explore invention, I have really pursued the wrong path as I cannot get back to where I was and I cannot afford to go forward.

Anybody want to buy a blueprint?