Scholomance – Round 2 – Plus Dire Maul West

We got together on Saturday night and decided to do a short run into Dire Maul West in order to update Vikund’s Paladin mount quest, then head to Scholomance to finish that and update Bung’s Warlock mount quest. We headed out with the group all at level 60, just like last week. I think this might be the first time we have all gone a full week without any of us getting a level.

60 Warrior – Earlthecat
60 Warlock – Bungholio
60 Mage – Ula
60 Paladin – Vikund
60 Priest – Skronk

We all started heading generally in the direction of Feralas first. I was actually parked at Feathermoon Stonghold as I had been fishing, both trying to bring up my fishing skill and my cooking skill.

By the time we converged and found the summoning stone (off to the left of the path that leads in) four of us were already there, so there was only a single summon to do.

Our run into Dire Maul West was pretty quick. While we had no rogue and no Crescent key, we did have the “engineer’s lockpick,” (Vikund is an engineer) which is the powerful seaforium charge.

I had not used one before and was a bit disappointed. There was no loud bang or explosion effect. Instead, the door just opened. When I attach a powerful charge to a door, I like to see it at least come of the hinges!

Once in, we could see the area for the quest update. We had to clear out a series of single mob patrols that wander the courtyard, but once done with that, we managed to thread our was across the main courtyard to Tendris Warpwood.


We knocked him down pretty quick and were rewarded with a green “bind on pickup” staff worthy of any non-elite level 55 you care to mention. Bleh.

But we weren’t there for loot, but to feed the ancient equine spirit, Vikund’s once and future steed, if I read the quest correctly.


So we were in and out of Dire Maul in about 10 minutes. Not bad. We do have to go back to finish up Bung’s epic mount quest, which I understand is a bit more than a walk across the courtyard.

Following that, we headed back to Stormwind so I could update my quests and hand over some gems, then flew up to Scholomance.

We did better this time around, at least in the first big room. That was the scene of a couple wipes our first time around.

We managed very well indeed, only losing a mage now and again as we fought our way too then cleared our Rattlegore and his room.

Then came the time for the end of the paladin mount quest. While I skimmed a post about this segment of the quest and grasp the whole “use the right judgements” thing, I was not quite prepared for the battle that followed.

I was expecting a few small fights and then a big guy at the end. Instead we were in for wave after wave of elite mobs. We made it through the first two flavors and were on the second wave of the third when mana, health, potions, and what not began to give out. Skronk used the soul stone when he went down during the fight. Then things got really unstuck and we wiped.

And, it turns out, once you wipe on that battle, that area is no longer accessible unless you reset the instance. And since we were not up to the clearing job again, we decided to postpone that until another time while we went after the update for Bung’s quest.

We headed down to the Alchemy Lab, where Ras Frostwhisper resides, to get the update. We slew the patrols at the close end of the room, updated Bung’s quest, then killed Ras.

That cleaned up, we decided to wrap up one more quest, Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors, before we called it a night.

This meant finding our way to Jandice Barov, who hangs out downstairs. Getting to her was a bit of a challenge, at least until we figured out the way to handle it.

She is at one end of a room with lots of shelves forming corridors across your path. Mobs, some elite, some not, wander up and down these, so you have to clear them without getting too many on you.

It isn’t too tough, but we managed to bite off a few more undead than we should have, then one of us backed up too far and aggro’d another group, and soon we were all dead again.

A soul stone and some resses later, we refined our approach and cleared a path to Jandice rather easily.

The Jandice fight was a big of a surprise. She spawns a whole bunch of duplicates of herself throughout the fight. Finding the right one to target was a bit of a pain. However, the duplicates say they are minions of Jandice when selected, so simply hitting tab until you got the “live” one turned out to be the solution. (I will say here that I am glad that Blizzard adopted a standard UI practice and made shift-tab select mobs in reverse order, as I tabbed past Jandice twice. Instead of having to go “around the horn” to get back to her, I hit shift-tab and was set.)

Bringing her down, we took a victory shot in her little “Sting video” alcove, then headed out.


Since the quest turn-in is right outside the instance, we decided to try to blow past any respawns and run to the exit. And we nearly made it too. Another wipe.

So we ghosted to the instance, went in to revive, then zoned back out to turn in the quest.

The evenings work was enough to push Vikund to level 61. I did not try to get him ahead of the pack, but the run up work for the paladin mount quest actually put quite a bit of experience in his pocket.

So to finish up the mount quests for Bung and myself, we need another trip to Scholomance (which will also let us knock off the last major Scholo quest) and a full trip into Dire Maul west.

2 thoughts on “Scholomance – Round 2 – Plus Dire Maul West

  1. Ceadrick

    Nice write up. I have a 70 pally on azurmyst and when I got my mount I was 63. We three manned it with a 64 lock and rog. It was a challenge but lots of fun.
    I’ve been soloing this instance now for the cloth and boe items for my priest, even more fun!

    Have fun.


  2. Elf

    Just for reference, I find the quickest way to get to Caer Darrow and Scholomance is to fly to the Hinterlands and then ride north through the mountains. There’s a pass, which I can’t remember the name of, that takes you right to Caer Darrow without having to cross any water, and the flight to the Hinterlands seems to be quicker than to Chillwind Point too.


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