Daily Archives: January 18, 2008

Standing Past 8.0, Now What?

I have managed, through diligent mission running and skill training, to elevate my main character, Wilhelm, to a standing of 8+ with the Caldari Navy.

Go me!

That means that, in addition to the Caldari Navy not taking a cut of my ore refining when I use their stations and having access to most of their agents, I can now make jump clones.

In fact, I made a jump clone… I think. It is hard to tell, as the interface for doing it did not provide much in the way feedback.

I did it mostly to try it. I haven’t done anything with the clone yet. I am not sure how to move it from the station in which it is located. Or is a matter of flying somewhere else then jumping back to that clone?

But that is beside the point.

Now that my standing is so high with the Caldari Navy, I wonder what I should do next.

Should I continue on running missions for the Caldari Navy?

Are there further benefits to be gained from getting my standing up to 9 or 10?

Or are there other Caldari State associated factions with whom I should improve my standing? Or even non-Caldari State factions?

I have done some missions for the Spacelane Patrol and I mistakenly did a whole series of missions for the Ishukone Watch corporation before I figured out that they aren’t the same faction as Ishukone corporation. I was trying to build faction for R&D. Silly me.

Once you have high standing with one corporation, do you need high standing with another?