Standing Past 8.0, Now What?

I have managed, through diligent mission running and skill training, to elevate my main character, Wilhelm, to a standing of 8+ with the Caldari Navy.

Go me!

That means that, in addition to the Caldari Navy not taking a cut of my ore refining when I use their stations and having access to most of their agents, I can now make jump clones.

In fact, I made a jump clone… I think. It is hard to tell, as the interface for doing it did not provide much in the way feedback.

I did it mostly to try it. I haven’t done anything with the clone yet. I am not sure how to move it from the station in which it is located. Or is a matter of flying somewhere else then jumping back to that clone?

But that is beside the point.

Now that my standing is so high with the Caldari Navy, I wonder what I should do next.

Should I continue on running missions for the Caldari Navy?

Are there further benefits to be gained from getting my standing up to 9 or 10?

Or are there other Caldari State associated factions with whom I should improve my standing? Or even non-Caldari State factions?

I have done some missions for the Spacelane Patrol and I mistakenly did a whole series of missions for the Ishukone Watch corporation before I figured out that they aren’t the same faction as Ishukone corporation. I was trying to build faction for R&D. Silly me.

Once you have high standing with one corporation, do you need high standing with another?

5 thoughts on “Standing Past 8.0, Now What?

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    Congrats on the +8 standings!

    IN order to move a jump clone, you have to jump into the clone and then fly yuorself somewhere. Then you can jump back to your original clone whenever. Just be warned, don’t jump into a clone that is in the same station you are currently in: you’ll lose your original body. Confused yet?

    As for mission running, the other half of getting standings to the corporation is earning loyalty points. You can keep running missions for the same corp and earn more and more loyalty points to use in the loyalty point store. Other than that, I know of no reason to run missions for another corp of the same faction.

    OH, and while you have good standings with the Caldari Navy, your standings with Caldari faciton as a whole is probably still low. If you want to create your own Player Owned Station in high sec space, you’ll need a base faction standing of 5.0 to Caldari to anchor in their space.



  2. michael, St Erroneous

    If you continue to grind your standing, to get it up to similar levels with the base Caldari State, you can anchor a POS in Caldari highsec and play research games. I don’t think you can moonmine in highsec, but I hear you can still make money by turning moon minerals from the market into Tech 2 production stuff using reactions at your POS, and resell at a tidy profit.

    (So I’ve heard).

    Have a play on the Singularity test server with POS structures out in lowsec, and see if you like them. :)


  3. Debes

    POS != Player Owned Structure
    POS = Piece of Shit


    Also, it’s be worthwhile to run for a different corp for different LP store offerings (check around, there are fairly complete lists for most corps), research points (for datacores, but you knew that), and for different mission types (you dirty carebear you).

    Running for the same corp (and agent) will give you progressively better rewards, but as with all else in eve, diminishing returns apply. Also consider that level 4s (run properly) will give better rewards than level 3s run properly, but a level 3 in lowsec run well might do you better than a level 4 in highsec run well.

    ahh, decisions.


  4. Captain Braddock

    Cool now you can start doing missions to have your own pos in empire..
    the higher your rating with that faction the higher the sec rating of the system can be to place the pos in.
    an as you are already looking into r&d a pos will help you research copy and invent. research in posses goes faster then in standard labs
    i’m also trying to get standing 8 but with duvolle labs they have the best mechanical engineering r&d agent.

    I sell the datacores for a profit now but that might change on your jump clone affair just jump to the clone you made and go have fun in low sec .this clone you can afford to loose as it won’t have any implants yet and yes flying away and jumping back is the way to move the damn thing around :)

    Btw running a pos in empire means you need starbase chartres (reason to keep doing the missions)
    and fuel => ice mining

    i’m guessing you’ll know what to do in the couple of weeks coming in eve then. Hope to get there soon too


  5. Marius Deterium

    The next step is obvious. Join a corp, prefereably one based in 0.0 or low sec. Start having fun in eve rather than doing the most boring thing it has to offer aside from mining. Mission running. Hang out with other people. Fight other people.


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