SOE, A Grace Period Please?

I picked up the pre-order box for Pirates of the Burning Sea, downloaded the client, and have been playing the game since the “Pre-Boarding” party began.

That is pretty much the same story I told when Lord of the Rings Online came out. I bought the pre-order box, played through the pre-release, and then went straight into the game.

Pretty much the same, but not exactly the same.

With Lord of the Rings Online, after the pre-order period ended and the game went live, Turbine gave all players with pre-order keys a two week grace period in which to purchase the full box. We did not have to rush out on day one, a Tuesday (why is that the industry standard day for releases… and patches?), to get the box. We could at least wait for the weekend.

I wish SOE had picked up on that idea.

But no, when I tried to log on tonight, I got this:


No code, no play.

Not unexpected, I suppose. This is the first time, that I know of, where SOE has done the pre-order play period thing. They might not have thought to look at how other companies have done it.

I have a pre-order box, but I am stuck at home with a sprained ankle (I get to learn how to use crutches again), so I cannot just run out to the store and pick up a copy. That will have to wait a week or so.

Since sailing is out of the question, maybe I’ll go see if Turbine fixed that video drive crash problem they have been having. I still haven’t picked up my horse.

8 thoughts on “SOE, A Grace Period Please?

  1. Stropp

    Just a thought, I haven’t checked myself, but do SOE have it available through the online store?

    Unless you want a box, physical media and a manual, the online store will give you the one thing modern gamers want.

    Instant gratification!


  2. Loredena

    We ended up eating our preorder deposits and doing the digital download from the SOE store, when we discovered that Best Buy wouldn’t be placing it out until today. (They even tried to claim that games *always* release on Wednesdays!1! Last time I preorder through them — they charge more then most too).


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Stropp – Yes, there is a digital download version available. I prefer to have the physical box plus I hate to throw away the pre-order money as Loredena chose to. And, since this is SOE, it might not even be on the shelf until this weekend. It was not in the Tuesday Fry’s ad.

    Anyway, I’ll live. At least I have a few economic structures in place that are building up labor hours.

    I just thought that Turbine did a better job of handling the transition from pre-order to live by giving some over-lap.


  4. p@tsh@t

    You’re not alone. Many, many peeps are more than a little miffed (if you can take the forums with a very large grain of salt) by the no grace period issue.

    The response from FLS in the forums was essentially that doing that would have been hard, so they didn’t.

    I dutifully went to Fry’s at lunch and they indeed had both retail boxes and preorders on the shelves yesterday, although they were in the “action” games section. Go figure, there is no MMO aisle.


  5. Stropp

    It’s definitely a shame they didn’t have a grace period. Not a good PR start.

    I know how you feel about having the box in front of you. I’ve sort of grown away from that lately. Perhaps its being lazy but it’s just so convenient to buy digitally. For me, it’s also cheaper. We pay A$90+ for games at the store in Oz. Buy online and it’s (usually) US prices.


  6. mrrx

    It was a simple question for me –

    1)Throw away $5 for preorder and do a quick digital download, or
    2)Wait in line at Fry’s for about an hour, at lunchtime, eat a bag of Fritos for lunch, get back to work late and grouchy, and save my $5.

    I chose #1.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Your local Fry’s must be a lot busier or a lot less well staffed than mine. The actual “checking out” part of the process is usually pretty quick here. (Though I usually go before noon or after 1pm.)

    The usual challenge is finding something if it isn’t in the first three obvious places. Generally (but not always) the sales staff hanging around appear to have just beamed down from another planet, uniformed, name tagged, and completely ignorant of the location of anything besides the floor.


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