X-Fire – Joining The Statistics

I like to look at the X-Fire statistics each month, as I have posted in the past, so I thought, as part of my 2008 gaming adventure, I would become part of those statistics.

In addition, I also thought it would be interesting to see my own statistics for the year, to see which game I end up playing the most in 2008.

So I downloaded X-Fire and ran the installer.

I did not even have to create an account once it was installed.

Back in the day I was in a gaming clan that required its members to run X-Fire when online. I even remembered my account name and password nearly four years after I last logged in.

Currently, my gaming stats still show Battlefield 1942 as my most played game. The Desert Combat mod for BF 1942 was the big game for our clan.

After nearly a month of having X-Fire installed, World of Warcraft is my most played game for 2008, followed by Pirates of the Burning Sea. For some reason, X-Fire does not seem to be picking up EVE Online, as I rather suspect that should be in the #2 spot. I will have to fix that.

None of the 35 people on my X-Fire friends list appear to still use X-Fire, or at least their old X-Fire account. I do not know anybody who currently uses X-Fire, so as a buddy list, it is not much use at the moment.

Not long after I had X-Fire installed, I found out the best feature it offers. Forget about statistics, the friends list, or the voice features.

The best thing is that X-Fire downloads the patches for World of Warcraft quickly, efficiently, and automatically.

No more Blizzard downloader for me!

I will see at the end of the year which game I played the most. But between now and then, I will spend less time waiting for WoW to patch.

1 thought on “X-Fire – Joining The Statistics

  1. syncaine

    Not sure if this is just me, but EVE Voice and Xfire don’t get along. If I launch EVE with Xfire up, EVE voice does not function. Close Xfire and launch EVE, and no issue with EVE voice.

    Very odd and annoying, especially since I like to always have Xfire up (for the same reason you stated, tracking personal statistics), and I don’t always use EVE voice every time I log on.

    Good to know about the patch thing, although I’ve not had the same issues with the Bliz patcher I had when I last played, pre-TBC. I recently re-installed WoW from a launch day version of TBC, and all patching finished in less than 30 minutes, if I recall correctly.


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