January in Review

The Site

I wrote a bunch of nonsense over the course of the month, nothing out of the ordinary in that, but this month a bit of it caught on elsewhere.

First, my “MMORPG Progdictionations” got quite a few page views, some from forum links where things I predicted were being discussed rather seriously. I guess they missed the Humor tag on that post.

Then I got back on the “Why So Much Fantasy” treadmill and tried to figure out in narrative form what factors lead to the success of fantasy MMORPGs and how strong those same factors are in the realm of science fiction. Optimistically titled, “Is There Hope for a Science Fiction MMORPG?” it got the most reactions ever for something I have written.

Potshot wrote “No Hope for a Science Fiction MMORPG

Tipa created the premise for a scifi MMORPG with, “MMO Sciene Fiction Outline #1 – “Book of Days”

Lemegeton responded to mine and other posts with “SciFi and Heroes

Troll on Fire enthusiastically misinterpreted my point with “Bring on the Andromeda Galaxy?”

Gooney gave me my first GAXonline link back with “The Western Sci-Fi Phenomena

And I was linked on Massively in “Sci-fi MMO, you’re my only hope… ” which lead to the post “Why Fantasy, and not Science Fiction, Part Eleventy-Billion

So if the measure of success if how many blog posts come up in reply to your own post, this was my best post ever!

One Year Ago

The MMO blogesphere starting talking about generations of MMOs, and I asked if we had even gotten past the first generation, then quoted Wikipedia’s take on the generation debate.

The instance group finished up the Scarlet Monestary and rolled through Razorfen Downs.

Blintz, my swashbuckler in EQ2 was just digging into Zek, The Orcish Wastes, one of my favorite zones in post-cataclysm Norrath.

Scott Hartsman described some of the goals for the EverQuest II expansion that would eventually become The Rise of Kunark.

I played in some of the Vanguard open beta, once I got it downloaded, but when the game actually launched, I declined to buy the box.

And, finally, Blizzard launched the Burning Crusade without the usual first day disasters that usually accompany an expansion, though I couldn’t figure out why I was bothering to buy a copy.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN. I encourage you to give them a visit in return.

Again, if your site does link here and I have not mentioned it in the past, feel free to drop me a note, as it is getting harder and harder each month to find sites! (And I’m still lazy.)

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“Julie Whitefeather”
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when is pokemon on?
[Please use TVGuide.com]

EVE Online

I have not been spending a lot of time in EVE lately. Now that I know the corp that preys on mission runners in the low sec systems near me, I have stopped running missions if they are on. And, since they seem to be on a lot, I might have run two level 3 missions in the last month. Losing a barely equipped battle cruiser was annoying. Losing my fully equipped and rigged (for missions) Drake would be a deal killer. Those with the most free time win again.

So I have been training, playing the market, and hauling trash. While I have a reasonable nest egg left over from mining, I have not found anything really lucrative on the market into which to invest, so I piddle along selling light and heavy missiles and hybrid charges.


EverQuest Nostalgia Tour 2007 Edition is now officially over. Results to follow.

EverQuest II

Since I secured the eleven snow globes of Frostfell, I have not been playing very often in Norrath, much to Gaff’s annoyance. He is back on a big EQ2 binge while I barely log on. Blintz, my main, is still sitting at level 62, waiting for me to return.

Lord of the Rings Online

I got my founder’s level 25 horse. Oh, and they fixed the crash problem I was having. I didn’t actually play more than an hour, but at least I have that option again, now with faster transport.

Pirates of the Burning Sea

I have been playing Pirates for four weeks nows and I have not written very much about it. That will be rectified with tomorrow’s post.

World of Warcraft

Azeroth has been my #1 location for the month of January. In addition to the instance group I have been running my hunter up levels in hopes of getting him to the Outlands. He is 56 now. I want to explore the new (year old) content, but Vikund has to stay close to the group in level, so I cannot go too nuts with him. Even so, Vik was close enough to level after the Scholomance run that I just ground him up to level 62 so he could get some new skills. He is now tied with Blintz in EQ2 as my highest level MMORPG charater ever.


A few new Wii games showed up at our house over the holidays. I have not had time to write about even one of them. I will try to change that soon, though with a sprained ankle, I have had to give Dance Dance Revolution a rest!


February will be a busy month. We have end of fiscal year at the office, with all of the associated planning and budgeting tasks, plus I will be on vacation for a week, so it will be a light month for posts. I won’t be able to keep up the current pace, but I won’t let myself disappear either.

One big thing coming up next month is GDC in San Francisco. I picked up an EXPO Pass again this year and will be up there Thursday and Friday, stalking Brent, Brenden, Darren, and whoever else I can find. If you are going to be up there, let me know.

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