Witty Ranter #2

Episode 2 of the Witty Ranter podcast has been posted over at VirginWorlds. This episode featured (host) Adam from Troll on Fire, Brenden from Another Here, Mike from Hardcore Casual, Darren from The Common Sense Gamer, and myself.

In an effort to differentiate itself from Shut Up We’re Talking, create wild topic drift, and generate the maximum number of unsupportable statements and too late moments of mental “What I should have said was…” anxiety, no topics were divulged by Adam in advance of the show.

In fact, the exact recording time and date as well as the method to be used to record the show were kept secret until the very last minute. (I had to log into EVE to find Darren when the secret “Go” code was issued.)

Once we arrived at the secret location and were able to remove our blindfolds and begin recording, the topics were:

1) RMT Will Pwn You – Brenden opened up with a rant about RMT, micro payments, gold sellers, Chinese farmers, in-game ads, and how they are all here to stay so just shut the hell up with all the whining and get used to it. The panel then went on to explore the different sorts of ways companies could dun us to play their games, why some companies are favoring certain methods over others, and, of course, the inevitable “What Would Blizzard Do?”

2) Honor the Old School, For They Are Your Betters – This was Adam’s turn to rant, and he went off on new players these days who bag on the MMOs of the past that built the base on which today’s games stand. We spent a few minutes on that then veered off again to World of Warcraft, the great MMO magnet that draws all attention. Highlights from that trip include who plays WoW, should we bother comparing WoW to other MMOs, is WoW too easy, are current WoW players looking for an MMO that is more challenging than WoW or not, and do players who leave WoW play other MMOs at all? No consensus was reached on anything except that the world will be a strange place when WoW is old school and that you young punks should stay off our damn lawns!

As usual with this sort of podcast, it was a lot of fun to do. We had some issues at the outset getting the recording going, but that was more because Adam was used to dealing with people who knew what they were doing than anything that he did. So when I showed up, I put him off his stride completely. When he started up about “Audacity” and a “multi-ender” I thought surely I was on the wrong show. Still, we muddled through, though he had to go buy and download some software, so I might only get invited back if I become a show sponsor. (Who is the sponsor?)

And, with a little editing… okay, probably a lot of editing… the show sounds very good. I’m just sorry about that Skype beep towards the end, which was me sending out a message that I had to go read a bed time story. Ah well, at least he managed to edit out the other four.

You can find the show on iTunes and here.

4 thoughts on “Witty Ranter #2

  1. yunk

    This may seem odd but I think that the book Rainbow’s End by Vernor Vinge has really sold me on RMT. In that book everyone is a content creator, so much of the world – even the corporate created entertainment, has elements of user created content, and microtransactions are used to repay the creators for content you use.

    People say user created content sucks, and much does. But it also is what provides live and longevity via new content to RTS and games like NWN. Through rewarding people via microtransactions, perhaps that will entice enough talented people to create engaging content.

    Of course, in a persistant world-mmo, user created content would have to be either “fluff” or if it’s “modules” or intanced adventures you’d have to limit or somehow judge what can be taken out of it.

    So often, especially in these posts about sci-fi mmos, what we read is people want more intelligent content, and no company can possibly keep up with the demand for content. I think user-created content is the only way to supply it.


  2. Elf

    Brenden opened up with a rant about RMT, micro payments, gold sellers, Chinese farmers, in-game ads, and how they are all here to stay so just shut the hell up with all the whining and get used to it.

    I don’t like my in-game communication channels being occassionally flooded with spam because of RMT. I don’t like how my in-game experiences are spoilt by farmers camping or kill-stealing. I don’t like in-game advertisements intruding on my immersive gaming. I am playing a game to have fun, to escape from the crap I get elsewhere.

    Micro payments and legitimate RMT may have a place in games, but where I want to relax and have fun I don’t want the other elements to intrude. If it spoils my enjoyment then I reserve the right to complain about it. By calling it ‘whining’ this fellow is belittling opinions simply because they differ from his own, and weaken his position as a result. As long as people find these practices annoying or intrusive there will be complaints, and rightly so.

    Here’s my advice to him: shut the hell up about the complaints and get used to it.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I must admit that a rant complaining about other people complaining has a certain irony to it.

    And, frankly, in one of those all-too-late “Oh, I should have said that” moments, people complaining loudly about certain aspects of the monetization of MMOs might slow them down ever so slightly.

    But the game companies cannot do anything about some of what you point out, in-game channel spam and the like, without going to processes likely to annoy people even more by causing false positives. We’re happy with a company say, cracking down on people putting URLs in says or tells, at least until WE want to put a URL in those channels. Then the game company is a bad guy.


  4. mightydar

    RMT is already here.
    For 30 bucks you get SOE Access and more character slots
    LoN buster packs may have loot cards for in game items
    WoW cards can have in game items.
    It is RMT and people just are not aware of it.


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