Daily Archives: February 9, 2008

Wilhelm a Dwarf? Unpossible!

So somewhere a rumor started that I might be a dwarf in real life.

A long list of dwarf characters I have played in various MMOs was put together and the question asked.

You would think a simple look at my avatar picture would be enough.


Okay, maybe it does not give enough perspective to tell height and such, plus it is a couple of years old.

So, to rectify this and put the whole ugly rumor to rest, I changed my avatar to a picture taken only last week.


This should conclusively prove that I am not a dwarf.


Well, yes, I am wearing the Horned Stahlhelm of Ironforge.

I was able to get that because I am revered in Ironforge.

Hey, I’m not the only non-dwarf so honored.

Yes, I also have a beard.

Not a real, dwarvish beard of course, not being a dwarf.

No, I did not tuck the rest of the beard under my tabbard!

And while I appear to about to shout something, I am pretty sure it isn’t “For Loch Modan!”

Look, I am quite clearly standing in Stormwind in this picture! You never see dwarves in Stormwind… much.

Okay, I’ll get back to you on this.