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WoW Error of the Evening

I would rather not be able to log on than get this error:


It always makes me think the worst has happened.

Harry Potter Invades

We have been very much about Harry Potter over the last month at our house.

We were invited to a Harry Potter themed birthday party, which got my daughter stirred up on the subject.

The Disney Channel just happened to show “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” the weekend before the party, so we recorded it and my daughter watched it a couple of times.  It was sort of “cramming” for the party.

Then, after the party, which really didn’t add much to our current mania, it already being in full swing, we went out and got all of the movies. We now own all five current movied on DVD.

And we watched them all. It was convenient when I was home with my swollen and purple ankle up on a pillow after I sprained it.

And, about this time, my daughter decided she was through with “children’s books” at bed time. (Though she did weaken one evening and we read “Eloise” again.) One of her friends father’s was reading her a “chapter book,” as she called it, and she wanted to graduate to that as well. Of course, we have the first four of the Harry Potter books at home, a gift from my mother at some point, so we started in on the first book.

But, to prove that no fad in our house can prevent me from buying little toys, I went out looking for Harry Potter LEGO minifigures.

As I mentioned in my post on LEGO Games I Want, LEGO has the Harry Potter franchise and puts out at least one kit with each movie release.

Unfortunately, it has been a while since the last movie release, so there are no Harry Potter kits currently available.

So I went to my backup source for all things LEGO: BrickLink.

Think of it as eBay devoted to LEGO products. If there is a LEGO item you cannot find there, then it is a rare piece indeed.

Thanks to that site I have been able to assemble, quite inexpensively, a small set of Harry Potter figures to play in our own at-home LEGO universe.


From left to right we have Draco Malfoy, Hagrid, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger.

I still want to pick up a couple more, like Dumbledore and Professor Snape, but these few have already been played with quite a bit.