I Can Has Oscar?

One of our cats, Oscar, previously pictured here, has finally made it to the big time on “I Can Haz Cheezeburger?”

[Picture missing because that’s the internet for you]

That is him in the lower right hand corner.

Yes, it is only a supporting role, but now he can break into the big time! FARK!

5 thoughts on “I Can Has Oscar?

  1. syncaine

    A blog about cats gets more hits than all MMO blogs put together… How long before we see a cat MMO? It would be RMT of course, and full PvP :)

    Grats to your cat!


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hey, you see the WordPress stats, LOLCats often beat the CNN Political Ticker blog. Scoble Om Malik used to be the big draws on WordPress, but LOLCats (and LOLDogs) have pwnd them.


  3. syncaine

    Yea I predict an epic battle between lolcats and loldogs approaching. Hey that could be the two factions in the LOLPETS MMO.


  4. Bildo

    Be careful and watch that ego of his.

    Next thing you know he’ll develop a serious catnip habbit, spend every night partying with some back alley felines, and then wind up in rehab only to go back 3 weeks after he’s out.


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