Daily Archives: February 16, 2008

GDC Expo Pass Arrived

The mailman brought me a letter from the CMP Events Registration Department yesterday that turned out to be my pass for the 2008 Game Developers Conference up in San Francisco.

Go me!

It is only the expo level pass, so I won’t be able to sit in on many sessions. If goes like last year, I will have access to one session a day, and only one person at the whole conference will know what that session is, so the first trick will be finding that person.

Since I will be traveling at the beginning of the week (so do not expect much in the way of posts next week), I won’t be able to make it up to GDC until Thursday the 21st. (Friday as well, unless everybody is bugging out of town ASAP that day.)

I will be stalking Darren, Brent, Brenden, and whoever else I can find up there, plus walking the expo floor and hounding the people at the SOE booth for more SOE branded goodies. (I’m almost out of SOE post-it notes at work!)

So if you are going to be in San Francisco next week, be on the lookout for this guy:


Or drop me a note!