Daily Archives: February 18, 2008

Another Level 60

Proving again that WoW patch 2.3 has made level 60 accessible to even the most alt-plagues casual MMO player, my hunter, Tistann, is now at the old level cap. Here he is at the magic moment, in Winterspring.


(You can see, in the midst of the level, he had also just proc’d Quick Shots, so there is some extra flair in his ding.)

As a dwarf you start in the snow, so I suppose it was appropriate to finish the climb to 60 in the snow.

Play time for him is just under 10 days.

Of course, now I have to find some more money for another epic mount. I actually have the money across my characters, but do I want to spend it? Or should I focus on saving up for a flying mount for Vikund?

The pain of alt-itis.