Azeroth Pokemon Sighting

It was Monday evening and I was running around in World of Warcraft before dinner.

I was working on jewelcrafting with my druid, Selirus.

Yes, I picked up a new trade skill. And a dangerous one too.

Well, they are all mildly dangerous. Every time I start off making things with a trade skill, I start wanting to make another alt. It plays to my weakness. I keep thinking, “If I rolled a little warrior or shaman, I could equip him really well!”

So far I have managed to keep from rolling an alt to just to use up some of the stuff I have been making.

Of course, with jewelcrafting, you have to run/sail out to The Exodar every time you need to train up.

While I was travelling out to The Exodar from Ironforge, my daughter was sitting next to me playing Pokemon and watching me travel, asking questions about things every so often.

As we entered the city, she asked about the Draenei. As I was telling her the tidbits of lore I could recall, she offered up, “Oh, they play Pokemon!”

I was taken a bit aback at this statement, and my daughter could sense doubt in the “Uhhh…” that came out of my mouth, so she added, helpfully, “There’s a PokeBall!”

I was still lost, looking around me for the PokeBall she spotted.

“On the floor! Underneath you!”

Sure enough, there I was standing in the middle of what looked remarkably like a PokeBall.


The Draenei do come from space, so presumably they have some advanced technology.

I will have to keep an eye open in The Exodar to see if I can spot a Ninetendo DS.

10 thoughts on “Azeroth Pokemon Sighting

  1. syncaine

    Along with the pokeball, they have those holograms in the same room (I think). Not too different than pokemon really…


  2. Mike

    In EverQuest 2 recently I was surprised to encounter an NPC who told me of these creatures in Timorous Deep that he could trap within little balls and then train up. He was insistent that I attempt to capture all of them and that this would make me a Chokemon Master.

    No, I’m not joking. I’d not spotted the Pokeball in Exodar though, nice find. :-)


  3. DeSlisser

    Gotta catch ’em all!

    hillarious. never saw that. I’ll keep an eye open for the Wii then.. never saw them so far. Must also have been out of stock then in Exodar.

    p.s. You have a perceptive daughter.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh, Chokemon Master!

    Pokemon is everywhere it seems.

    Yes, having a kindergartener looking over my shoulder means having things pointed out to me that I might otherwise miss.


  5. my_lo

    I passed a hundred times on it and i never saw it… I have the pokemon syndrom when it comes to the vanity pets, i must have them all ! ^_^


  6. Solf

    Get someone to summon you to Shattrah and bind there. Since that place has portals to all the cities, it’s quite convenient.


  7. Solf

    Padon the double post… Just realized that I don’t remember whether my low level alt was summoned there or used mage’s portal. Either way, it’s possible to get there at low level, I just don’t remember which way exactly (possibly both).


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