Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

Invention: A Tenfold Increase

Okay, invention is starting to… well… not pay off, but at least pay back some of my investment.

After making more copies of my Expanded Cargohold blueprint while I was in Hawaii, I was ready to start in on invention again.

This time, using blueprint copies with the maximum number of runs allowed, 1,000, I set to inventing. Fortunately, stations for invention are readily available and the inventing only takes two and a half hours with this particular blueprint.

And after the two and a half hour wait, I was rewarded with:


Okay, ten runs does not seem like very much, but it is a heck of a lot better than a single run!

And getting a run of 10 means that, at the current local market rate in my area, about 1.6 million ISK, selling the first two covers materials and production costs. (I have done well on the materials, having low-ball buy orders out for all the parts for some time now.) That is about 12 million ISK gross profit.

Of course, you do not get an blueprint every time you invent. I seem to be hitting about 50% or so with my skills trained up, so that cuts the profits down under 10 million ISK per successful invention run.

And then there is there is all the money I invested in invention already. Over 200 million ISK for my folly with rigs, which just happened to overlap, skill-wise, with the skills for Expanded Cargohold invention.

Still, it is nice to see my ISK balance going up rather than down. I have a battelcruiser to replace.