9 Keys for Mortal Men, Doomed to Subscribe

Turbine has a referral program going for Lord of the Rings Online. Most games like this do.

But Turbine has a special benefit for those who get referred by founders. Each founder gets 10 referrals that allow the person using them to get the founder’s pricing plan, which is $9.99 a month or $199 for a lifetime subscription.

The last time I mentioned this, somebody wrote and asked for a referral, which I sent them. He actually subscribed, so I have nine left.

How Does This Work?

You have to provide me an email address. I enter the email address in an online form and Turbine sends you a ten day activation key along with instructions.

There are, of course, rules about who can be referred, where they must reside, and other stuff that lawyers write. Please read Da Rules before you ask for a key.

To get a key from me, you can either leave a comment on this post asking or use the form on the About page to drop me a note directly. You must include an email address. If you ask via comment, just put your correct email address in the form where it asks for it, that way only I will see it.

Of course, there are more complications. While I have 9 referrals left, I can only refer 5 people at one. So, should I get more than five responses, there will be a wait while the first few people either subscribe or run out their time.

How Long Will This Offer Last?

It will be “first come, first served,” until I run out of founder referrals.

What Does Wilhelm Get?

Every time somebody subscribes, I get a 30-day time code for LOTRO.

But I have lifetime subscription for LOTRO, so an extra 30 days is sort of “infinity plus thirty!” They do me no good.

So I will come up with some sort of contest to give away any time codes that I end up with.

I am open to contest suggestions as comments as well!

24 thoughts on “9 Keys for Mortal Men, Doomed to Subscribe

  1. Phil

    Thanks for offering this. I’d like a referral and will definitely sign up so you get phat lootz. :)


  2. yunk

    Also if you want to double box, you can also use this to get the founder’s rate for your 2nd account. Our kin leader contacted Turbine support and confirmed this was OK.

    I think the 30 days is 30 days you can also give to someone else.

    A whole bunch of people in my kin have 2 accounts, they don’t necessary double box they’ll have one wee hobbit back in the shire farming while their warriors are out slaying evil.


  3. fromthefuture

    I’m up for this…been wanting to try out this game for a while, and I just so happen to have 10 or so days of nothing-much-going-on coming up. And at $10 a month, I may very well subscribe.
    thanks very, very much!


  4. Brandon


    I’ve been playing the Lord of the Rings Online trial and am planning to activate. I was hoping you still had a founder’s referral left. I’d greatly appreciate it.


  5. James

    I wasn’t sure if you got my email I sent you asking for a founders referral so I might be jumping the gun. Thanks in advance :)


  6. Matt

    I’ve been thinking of trying LotRO myself. A good friend of mine plays it all the time, and he loves it. I’ll give it a shot too if you want to shoot me a key. Thanks for the awesome offer!!!


  7. Ben Cleaver

    Hi i am new to LOTRO and wondered if you had any founder referals left? if your do is it possible i could have one?


  8. oberlisk

    Do you still have any founder’s referrals left. I played LOTRO during open beta, but had to quit due to school. I have some time and would love to give it a shot again.

    Thanks in advance


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    As a matter of fact I do. A couple of people ended up not using theirs.

    However, when I tried to send you the invite, the Turbine site said your email address had already been invited as a buddy by somebody else.


  10. Nowashei

    Hey Wilhelm,

    I was wondering if you had a referral left.
    If you do, and have no plans for it, I would greatly appreciate it.


  11. oberlisk

    Yeah I friend sent me a buddy key on that email address. I was able to get a founders referral a couple of days later. Thanks again for the help


  12. Jakey0

    Hey Just wondering if you have any founder referrals left? i have already bought the game but it is getting delivered to me. so i can guarantee you will get your 30 day redemption!


  13. Jakey0

    oh lol your on a lifetime subscrption, sorry. you will have your infinity and 30 days then…reading the comments i can see that you have 1 or none left, thanks, jakey0


  14. elphyon

    Hi Wilhelm,

    do you have any more of those founder’s referrals left? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me one at ******@gmail.com

    Much thanks in advance,



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