Journey to Shattrath

Last Saturday we came up a bit short with the instance group. Not that that is surprising. Actually, what is surprising is that all five of us show up so regularly for our Saturday night, 9pm instance run. It says something about our social lives no doubt.

But this Saturday night we were down one, our tank. So it was just four of us:

62 Warlock – Bungholio
62 Mage – Ula
62 Priest – Skronk
63 Paladin – Vikund

We decided to do some quests around the Hellfire Peninsula. As I said last week, we have moved our main characters into the Outlands for now.

We ran around and filled up our quest logs with quest for the zone, finding a couple of them recommended for groups, then set out to finish some off.

We did well enough. Everybody ended up at level 63. I actually ran out after the run the week before and finished off the 8% experience Vikund had left before level 63, making him my highest level MMO character ever. But I was only a bit ahead of everybody else.

Of course, we did have our moments out there questing. We had a nice wipe when Fulgorge, a named burrower popped up in the middle of us during a fight. We were smacking stuff down well enough that we though we could just take him in stride. Instead, he took us in stride with his mid-fight burrowing and such.

And then Vikund had his own run in with a Fel Reaver, one of those giant, transformer looking. level 70 elites that stomp around the zone. We were hunting Colossuses for a quest when just after a battle, the ground was still shaking. I looked around and there was a Fel Reaver about on top of me. I couldn’t quite get away.

But I lasted four hits. Not bad.

The last thing I saw was it walking away, completely unscathed.


Meanwhile, the Colossuses were annoying me as well. After the fall, you can mine them, if your skill is up to 315.

My skill: 314.

Ah well, we found a fel iron deposit not too far into the quest, so I was able to bump my skill up that one critical notch. Of course, then they didn’t yield much when I mined them. Bleh.

After running around for a couple of hours, we were about ready to call it a night. I figured we needed to do at least one more thing though: Get to Shattrath City.

Shattrath City is the main hub in the Outlands. It has a bank, many vendors, and even portals back to Azeroth. I figured that the flight point there was a must.

So we headed out, picking up a flight point in Zangarmarsh on the way, then heading south to the Terokkar Forest where Shattrath lies.

The ride there did not take too long and the flight point was right out in front of where we arrived.

Skronk had described Shattrath as more confusing than Exodar and Undercity combined, but I think he was exaggerating. It seemed to me to be a bit easier to navigate… and just to look at… than Exodar at least.

One of the first things I saw appeared to be a practice session for the Dr. Seuss birthday parade, but just turned out to be the local militia drilling.


The portals back to the main alliance cities were easy enough to find, and marked with the Poke ball symbol.


Wandering around, I also found what appeared to be the main Draenei shrine to Pokemon.


Seeing the portals back to the main alliance cities, I figured that setting my home in Shattrath would be a safe bet. I can now use my hearth stone to get there, and the portals to jump back to Azeroth when I need.

And I will be heading back to Azeroth regularly. Shattrath has no auction house. Azeroth is still the home of commerce.

4 thoughts on “Journey to Shattrath

  1. my_lo

    I’ve always been curious about the reason why there isn’t an auction house in Shattrath, maybe they wanted to keep people in azeroth but a blue as explained on the boards that the real reason is that, this way, it keeps people from being all at the same time in Shattrath. Too many people at the same place is more then the world server can handle. That’s why the raids against the opposite faction’s capital cities often result in crashes… Somehow it’s not too sad, i still like the good old ironforge and the gloomy undercity :)


  2. Elf

    There are no class trainers in Shattrath either. All characters need to return to Azeroth whilst still gaining experience, and the auction house keeps them going back after that.


  3. p@tsh@t

    They’re nuts.

    How does mailing loot to a L1 bank alt to post an auction in a faction specific AH “keep the old world thriving?” Are Azerothian schools supported by AH fees? Would the potholes in Stormwind not get repaired if they opened an AH in Shat? ;)

    Likewise, how does using the portal from Shat to an Azerothian city for training and then hearthstoning back to Shat keep it thriving?

    I think they just couldn’t decide how to implement the AH and punted (i.e. cross faction or single faction). Given the population concentration, a cross faction AH there would have been tantamount to consolidating the vast majority of all AH activity into one AH system. Might have added some life to Booty, Gadget and Everlook though if it were a neutral AH.

    Couple that with the fact that items on the AH from OL are level 58 and above and most players run to OL at 58 anyway….

    I think my_lo is right, it would have become the one true city with the one true AH and the one true lag fest (even more than it is).

    Of course, that doesn’t explain why they couldn’t have added a small horde and alliance town or even bolted an AH on to Honor Hold and Thrallmar…


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