My Pokemon is Fight!

Last week another birthday came and went for me.

It is surely a sign of age that, when asked what you want for your birthday, you really do not have anything in mind.

However, my daughter did have something in mind for me. After discovering on the flight back from Maui that her DS had wireless connectivity and that there were multiplayer options in Pokemon Diamond, she seemed pretty determined that I had to have my own DS and copy of Pokemon so that we could play together.

She mentioned this to me several times after we got back from our trip and I, in turn, relayed this information to my wife. My wife, however, was not buying my story at first. I got a skeptical look like I was trying to use my daughter as an excuse to ask for something that I really wanted.

Fortunately, my daughter redeemed me by approaching my wife separately with her plan.

That plan, as outlined by my daughter, involved my wife buying me the DS, but my daughter giving it to me and kicked off with the question to my wife, “How much money do you have?”

Through the usual comedy of errors, including leaving the DS box out in plain sight for me to see, I was pretty sure about what I was getting for my birthday.

So on the morning of my birthday, my daughter piled into bed with my wife and their present was brought out: A cobalt blue Nintendo DS Lite plus my own copy of Pokemon Diamond.

Of course, my daughter wanted to play together immediately, but she had to head off to school. I had taken the day off of work though, so I got the DS out, charged it up some, and started playing the game in hopes of getting far enough along that we could do something together.

So that is what I did most of the morning of my birthday; played Pokemon.

I have to say I was impressed with the game before I started playing it, but now that I have my own copy, I am surprised at the depth of the game. And I watch my daughter, who can barely read, off doing things in the game that I had no idea existed.

There is a lot of Pokemon in my future.

10 thoughts on “My Pokemon is Fight!

  1. tipa

    You should have gotten Pokemon Pearl. Some pokemon on Diamond are not in Pearl and vice versa; you could have traded them to catch them all :P


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ahh, I wish I had known that as my daughter is very much in the mood to catch them all. I bet the “Pearl only” ones are going for premium trade value too, as Diamond seems to be selling much better.


  3. Kirith Kodachi

    Man, posts like this make me very excited. You see, my wife is pregant with twin boys and is due in late April. In a few years I expect to be posting about my adventures with Twin A and Twin B. :)


  4. Keen

    I’m currently playing through Pokemon Diamond/Pearl with my brother for the 2nd time. We both love the game. It’s timeless, for sure.


  5. Rick

    My daughter has a DS, and it’s a brilliant gaming platform. It’s so much the opposite of the “serious” PC gaming that I do on a regular basis, but it’s still quality.

    If you’d like something completely different for the DS, check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Adventure gaming FTW :)

    Animal Crossing would be another great game to share with your daughter. You have a little village, with your own house and a town store. As you get money, you can expand your house, and the store grows as well. Your daughter’s character from her Animal Crossing game can come visit your village via wireless, and vice versa. There’s a lot to do in a tiny gaming space, it’s very well done.


  6. my_lo

    Happy birthday ^_-
    Last saturday, i bought pokemon diamond for me and pearl for my wife and we really enjoy it :)
    I even start to use wow time to play with pokemon O_O”


  7. goony

    The guy that did the translating for that pokemon game is a member of the somethingawful forums. The book is written by zack parsons, a writer for somethingawful.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Heh! I knew about Zack Parsons being associated with Something Awful, but that it reaches as far as the guy who translated Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is pretty amusing.


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