Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

Trinity 1.1 Patch: A New Button!

There is a new button in the Trinity 1.1 patch that went up just a little later than scheduled. (Less than an extra day of downtime after a big patch is definitely trending the right direction for EVE.)

Of course, there is a lot more new stuff beyond a single button. But the new button is pretty nice.

Here it is:


I was actually suspicious of the button at first. It seemed like such a simple thing to have in the game that I have been surprised it hasn’t been available sooner. (I understand that there used to be such an option at some point in the distant past.) But clicking on it brought up a confirmation of its function:


A little awkward in phrasing, but you know what it means.

Yes, if you have multiple accounts, and I hear that is pretty common in EVE, I mean CCP actively encourages multiple accounts, you don’t have to completely quit the application any more when you are going through checking on different characters.

Cheers for small favors.

Now once EVEMon gets unbroken again, I’ll be set.