Trinity 1.1 Patch: A New Button!

There is a new button in the Trinity 1.1 patch that went up just a little later than scheduled. (Less than an extra day of downtime after a big patch is definitely trending the right direction for EVE.)

Of course, there is a lot more new stuff beyond a single button. But the new button is pretty nice.

Here it is:


I was actually suspicious of the button at first. It seemed like such a simple thing to have in the game that I have been surprised it hasn’t been available sooner. (I understand that there used to be such an option at some point in the distant past.) But clicking on it brought up a confirmation of its function:


A little awkward in phrasing, but you know what it means.

Yes, if you have multiple accounts, and I hear that is pretty common in EVE, I mean CCP actively encourages multiple accounts, you don’t have to completely quit the application any more when you are going through checking on different characters.

Cheers for small favors.

Now once EVEMon gets unbroken again, I’ll be set.

8 thoughts on “Trinity 1.1 Patch: A New Button!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    It seems that the API that EVEMon uses is down, which was the problem the last time EVEMon stopped reminding me when I needed to start a new skill.


  2. syncaine

    Noticed it this morning as well. Great addition, although does it just quit the game and restart it for you? Seemed like it did that for me, but again it was in the morning and only used it once…


  3. WTM


    Now if I didn’t run both accounts at the same time.

    In all seriousness though, with one of my mains getting into a capital for the first time tonight, the ability with my account to switch characters (from my other main to cyno alts) withot risking ‘quitting’ is going to be great


  4. Note

    I never would have noticed this on my own! I’m so used to using ctrl-q that I never see the escape menu any more.

    I’m hoping the API goes back up during tomorrow’s down time. I’m currently training 2 accounts and one of those 21 day steam trials. Quite a juggling act without my precious EVE Mon =(


  5. Eric

    Funny I didn’t eve see it :). Some people have reported problems running 2 clients at once and alt-tabbing. I havent experienced any, anyone else ?


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