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Lord of the Rings Online – Mines of Moria Announced

As noted over on Kill Ten Rats, Turbine has announced the first expansion to their Middle-earth MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online.  (press release here)

It appears that Moria will be the next step in Middle-earth.  Woot!

In addition to everyone’s favorite dwarven subterranean playground, the expansion will include an increase in the level cap to 60, two new classes, and the ability to craft legendary weapons and equipment that will level up along with your character.

Turbine also has a special site, Unlock the Mines of Moria, that will feature promotions and information about the expansion beginning at the end of the month.

Hayoo at Visions of the Ring will have to update his Speculated Expansion map now!

You can also measure up which of the expansion routes I described at one point match up.

My Reputation Precedes Me

52avmarks.pngIn a typical (for me) fit of enthusiasm upon seeing that only 50 Alterac Valley marks of honor were required to get the Stormpike Battle Charger, I ran out and did a bunch of battles in AV.

The Alliance was very good to me. I managed to get to the 52 mark level in only 22 rounds, 15 wins and 7 losses.

I managed to help out some. Being level 61 in a sea of level 70 players is a bit tough, but as a hunter, my traps, my special shots, and my pet allowed me to be a mildly effective speed bump in the path of the oncoming horde. So I lay in wait at the beginning of matches at Stonehearth Graveyard, waiting for the horde to come by so I can slow them down a bit.


And it can be very satisfying to take down a careless level 70, which I managed to do every so often.

I started out on Monday night in AV and by Thursday morning I had the required honor marks.

I rearranged some gold between my character so that Tistann had the 510 gold to cover the cost of the riding skill (150) for an epic mount and took care of that.

Then I had to find the guy who would actually sell me the mount.

Fortunately, WoWWiki had me covered. The guy I needed was Thanthaldis Snowgleam, the friendly neighborhood Stormpike supply officer.

However, on his WoWWiki page, I picked up a new tidbit of information, something I managed to miss up to this point.

Many of the items that Thanthaldis sells are available only to characters with a specific reputation with the Stormpike Guard.

And that mount? It requires you be exalted reputation with the guard.


I am currently honored with the guard, which is a long way from exalted.

Now I had to ask myself how much this special mount was worth.

With the riding skill purchased there was only 85 gold between me regular epic mount. (My reputation with Ironforge is “revered,” so I get the 15% discount.  That reputation took me, literally, 60 levels to achieve… and Tistann is a dwarf.)
A couple of evenings in AV was worth saving 85g.  I could manage that.

But the grind to get to exalted? I can probably make more money just running around and doing quests. Plus I would actually get experience, which leads to levels, which in turn would make me more effective in AV.

So I think I put my 52 AV marks of honor in the bank and bought the standard epic mount.


I will get back to battlegrounds when I have a few more levels.