Return of the Drake

It turned out I was not as poor as I believed after losing my second battlecruiser.

It turned out that I had a lot more assets in EVE Online than I thought.

Granted, my ISK balance on the night of the pirate encounter was below 30 million, but as far as net worth went, I ended up being pretty flush, at least by my own standards.

First I canceled a few key buy orders. It turned out that playing the market in alloyed tritanium bars was holding a lot of my ISK in escrow.

Then I started selling off some of the stuff cluttering my items bin.

I have a habit of running missions, looting and scavenging for all I am worth, and then tossing everything in the items bin.

Once in a while, when it starts taking a while to load the items window, I go through and reprocess all of the base level, tech I stuff. But anything that is “named” I tend to hang onto, in case I need it later.

So I went in and started selling off those named items.

It turns out that some of them are worth real ISK. (“Real,” as defined by me, is over 1 million ISK.)

I also sold off a bit of my salvaged materials as well as the alloyed tritanium bars I managed to purchase well below market price.

All of that managed to boost me over the 100 million ISK mark again.

My eventual modest success with expanded cargohold II modules added some more to my stash, as did my sell-off of some excess datacores.

And then I brought my miner out of retirement and managed to add another 100 million ISK to the pot in about a week.

So I was ready to buy a new ship. A new Drake, of course. I have all those missile skills trained up to level 4 or 5.

I did go a bit cheap on the equipment. I bought some tech II items, but no “named” components, mostly because I seem to pick them up often enough as salvage when I run missions. Here is what I have now:


  • 4 x Heavy Missile Launcher I
  • 2 x Assault Missile Launcher I
  • 1 x Small Tractor Beam
  • 1 x Salvage I


  • 2 x Large Shield Extender II
  • 2 x Shield Recharger II
  • 1 x Ditrigonal Thermal Barrier Crystallization I
  • 1 x Explosion Dampening Field I


  • 4 x Shield Power Relay II


  • 1 x Core Defense Field Purger I

I actually lucked out on the rig slot. I happened to have just the right salvage items in my hanger to make exactly one. (110 Burned Logic Circuits, 110 Tripped Power Circuits, 44 Ward Consoles)

Now that I am armed again, my next goal is to find a level 3 Caldari Navy agent that is in a system that does not border on low sec. I am told they exist. Finding one though is a bit of a chore.

6 thoughts on “Return of the Drake

  1. Van Hemlock

    See if this one will give you work:

    Uedamon Ahvinen – Security
    Kusomonmon V – Moon 9 – Caldari Navy Testing Facilities

    Used to mission out of there a while back and it was all high-sec country around those parts. Quite close to Jita for shopping, etc, but far enough out to avoid the worst of the crowds.


  2. WTM

    Good to hear your back in the saddle of a BC again….

    I think there are some L3 agents in the Kraneka (excuse spelling – no access to an Eve client to check) area. But I will check tonight, (was running level 3/4high sec Caldari Navy missions myself before heading back out to 0.0)


  3. Eric

    I used to run missions from Kaunokka. Our corp was based there as well. Multiple lvl 3 agents in the system, and I cant remember ever being send to lowsec.

    But the system has become rather crowded over the past year or so :(.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Thanks all for the agent tips, though darn you Note for your link. I was going to rant a bit on how freaking annoying it is to find a research agent in game that does the technology that you want, but your site has that as one of the search criteria. Hah!

    Of course, I may rant all the same. Having to use an external resource for a basic game function still annoys me. Plus, the site does not help with my favorite musical question, “How far is that agent from where I am now?”

    @Wygg – I happen to have a ballistic control sitting around. I’ll give it a try. anything to pump out missiles faster is a good thing.


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