Daily Archives: March 20, 2008

Alting About The Outlands

Various real life events has kept the instance group out of instances for the past two Saturday nights. So our next instance target, The Blood Furnace, has remained free of our wrath for the time being.

We have managed to do a few things though.

We actually got together as a full group last Thursday and ran through Hellfire Ramparts for a second time with this group:

63 Warlock – Bungholio
63 Mage – Ula
63 Priest – Skronk
63 Paladin – Vikund
64 Warrior – Earlthecat

Thursday is our non-mandatory “off night” where we try to prep for upcoming instances and such, but since East Coast Earl was up for it, we did an instance farming run. We even managed to only wipe once at the big fight with Vazruden and Nazan, which happened primarily because Vikund switched from healing to melee too soon after Nazan joined the fray.

We won in the end though, and at a pretty fast clip. Earl got his second Mok’Nathal Clan Ring which, both taken together, add 28 to his resilience, something that, according to a comment thread over at Tobold’s Blog, reduced his chance to be crit’d by 7%. Not bad.

We also did some questing as a smaller group on Saturday night just to pick up some gear, experience, and standing, which I guess is why anybody does quests when it comes down to it.

But the primary focus for most of the instance group over the last week or so seems to have been alts.

Earl, in a marathon WoW Saturday, pushed his alt, also a warrior, over the top to level 70, making him the first of the five of us in the instance group to hit level 70.

Skronk (aka Potshot) pushed one of his alts to level 60.

Ula has an alt closing in on level 60 as well.

And I, after mucking about in Alterac Valley for a week, went back to the Outlands and pushed Tistann to level 62.

Add to that the fact that Gaff is back in WoW and has a couple of characters over level 60 on our server and, on the face of it, we might be able to run an instance with alts at some point.

Granted, it would not, perhaps, be the most well rounded group ever, as it would consist of two warriors, two hunter, and a druid. But since one the druid and one of the warriors is level 70, we might be able to get away with something. We will have to see what becomes of the idea.

So there the instance group stands, waiting for another Saturday night when we can all get together for another run.