Daily Archives: March 21, 2008

Rendezvous with a Balloon

My daughter has informed me that we HAVE to play Pokemon today.

Not that we are in much danger of forgetting to play on any given day.

But today is FRIDAY!

And Friday is the only day of the week that you can catch Drifloon, a pokemon who pops up by the Valley Windworks just outside of Floarmoa Town.

Drifloon looks like a balloon.  I suppose we can only catch him once a week because he gets blown around so much, hanging out at the wind farm.

It seems that the only time we ever think about catching him is on Saturday. And then we have to count out the days of the week again, and seven days is a long time to somebody in kindergarten.

So today we are going to do it. Today we are going to get Drifloon.