Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

WoW Patch 2.4 Arrives

And, true to form, I only found this out by trying to log in on a Tuesday morning to check the auction house. Whoops, time to download a patch instead.

The usual AddOn holocaust ensued of course. I hope to have things stable again by Saturday night!

The patch notes themselves are quite extensive (find them here), but a few items jumped out at me.

Ironic Update Department

“Weapon Skill: Points will be gained faster in weapon skills for levels 1 through 59.”

This comes along a week after I spent time working up my 2 handed mace skill with the Heart Fire Warhammer, a massive flaming two handed mashie-niblick that dropped the last time we did Hellfire Ramparts.

Actually, it wasn’t all that bad as a paladin. I found a mob, started the fight, judged light, then walked away until Vikund got his skill level up high enough to kill it. The joys of being a protection spec’d paladin.

So now Vikund hides around corners waiting to bonk people as they pass by.


Available Bag Slots

There is now a new interface option that will show you how many empty slots you have in your bags, like so:


This replaces an addon that I was already using and actually improves upon it. This count of empty slots does not include the empty ones in your ammo pouch or quiver. If you play a hunter, you know where I am coming from on this.

Musical Reference of the Week

Blue Suede Shoes can now be disenchanted.”

That’ll keep people off of them!

I also find it interesting that blue suede shoes have shown up in one form or another in almost every MMO I have played, as well as most of the MUDs I recall.

Elvis is still The King I guess.