WoW Patch 2.4 Arrives

And, true to form, I only found this out by trying to log in on a Tuesday morning to check the auction house. Whoops, time to download a patch instead.

The usual AddOn holocaust ensued of course. I hope to have things stable again by Saturday night!

The patch notes themselves are quite extensive (find them here), but a few items jumped out at me.

Ironic Update Department

“Weapon Skill: Points will be gained faster in weapon skills for levels 1 through 59.”

This comes along a week after I spent time working up my 2 handed mace skill with the Heart Fire Warhammer, a massive flaming two handed mashie-niblick that dropped the last time we did Hellfire Ramparts.

Actually, it wasn’t all that bad as a paladin. I found a mob, started the fight, judged light, then walked away until Vikund got his skill level up high enough to kill it. The joys of being a protection spec’d paladin.

So now Vikund hides around corners waiting to bonk people as they pass by.


Available Bag Slots

There is now a new interface option that will show you how many empty slots you have in your bags, like so:


This replaces an addon that I was already using and actually improves upon it. This count of empty slots does not include the empty ones in your ammo pouch or quiver. If you play a hunter, you know where I am coming from on this.

Musical Reference of the Week

Blue Suede Shoes can now be disenchanted.”

That’ll keep people off of them!

I also find it interesting that blue suede shoes have shown up in one form or another in almost every MMO I have played, as well as most of the MUDs I recall.

Elvis is still The King I guess.

4 thoughts on “WoW Patch 2.4 Arrives

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You are, of course, right, yet I am willing to bet that most people associate the song with Elvis’ own rendition of it.

    I heard Carl Perkins on ‘Fresh Air’ a few years back talk about the song and how he and Elvis performed it differently and how Elvis’ take on the song really made people associate it with him.


  2. tipa

    I’m not sure I have ever heard the song from either of them. I have heard Elvis impersonators do the song a lot, but had just heard it was a Carl Perkins song, not an Elvis song, and just assumed people considered all rockabilly songs to be Elvis songs regardless of reality. The actual reality is, I can’t remember ever hearing an Elvis song done by Elvis, though I suppose I must have at some point. His brand has been cheapened by imitators.

    If Lilo & Stitch used real Elvis music as opposed to imitation Elvis music, then I have heard some after all.


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