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The Blood Furnace

Saturday night came again. My daughter was in bed asleep. My wife and her friends were in the other room having a scrapbooking and appletini party. (And actual scrapbooking was done this time around I hear.) The cats were content to be some place other than my desk. It was time to get to Azeroth.

After a couple of weeks off just questing and farming we had beefed ourselves up a bit when it came to levels:

63 Warlock – Bungholio
63 Mage – Ula
63 Priest – Skronk
64 Paladin – Vikund
64 Warrior – Earlthecat

Once we all assembled in Hellfire Peninsula, the first order of business was to… well… find the instance.

Yes, we had that same problem with Hellfire Ramparts.

For the first time since we started the instance group, we are into instanced content that none of has even glimpsed yet. So even answer simple questions, such as, “Are we there yet?” can take on a new level of challenge.

Fortunately there were not a lot of places for us to look that answered the description. We ended up finding it at one of the locations we had previously visited in our search for the Ramparts entrance. And so we stepped in:


As usual, we began to work our way through the yard trash to get to the fun bits. But at least we had some new scenery, including a set of stairs that Busby Berkeley could work magic with.


I shouldn’t be too dismissive of the yard trash. Their quantity proved a challenge now and again, and bad pulls doubled up with the roving stealthed rogues that wander about were the reason for our two wipes during the run.

The first happened at the top of the stairs pictured above.

Still, with care, teamwork, and a soul stone, we moved on to the first boss: The Maker.

Once the local minions were taken care of, we took a look at him. He rather resembles an upright fiddler crab wearing a welder’s mask and holding a flame thrower. This is not a sight to inspire confidence, but we weren’t there to make friends.

We hesitated a bit before starting the fight. Around The Maker’s room there is a series of cells with several mobs in each. We were a bit worried that they might open up and unleash some nastiness on us mid fight. Still, we had to move along, so we started the fight.


It went well enough, The Maker went down, and no additional followers joined in. We figured that must be a feature for the heroic version of the instance.

On we moved, clearing groups until we caught a glimpse of the next boss in line, Broggok.


We then proceeded to get a bad pull with the patrols and wipe. Too many bomb throwing technicians and pet summoning warlocks chewed us up pretty quickly. And there was no soul stone handy this time.

Still, the whole place is very close to Honor Hold and the grave yard, so the run back was quick.

Speaking the “careful” mantra again, we successfully cleared the room.

This left us with a great big lever, a gate between us and Broggok, and, like The Maker’s room, a series of cells around the room we were in.

What can you do but pull the level at that point, so we did.

And thus began the event, the big fight of the night.

This time around, the cells did play into things. After you pull the lever, the doors you entered through close, then the first cell opens up, sending a small group of elite orcs after you. Once you defeat them, the next cell opens and another group comes, and then another, and then another. So you go through four progressively harder battles without rest, at the end of which, you get to fight the boss!

Once you’re to Broggok, you are in danger of having been worn down. Broggok himself isn’t too fearsome as long as you keep moving. As he floats over you, he rains down a green acid that has a pretty harsh DOT effect as long as you’re standing in it. It also lingers for a while, so you have to steer clear of his green snail trail during the fight. Bung strayed into the trail at the very end of the fight and died.

But we prevailed and took the victory picture. You can see some of the orc that came at us off to the right.


It was a long encounter over all, with Earl and I using potions twice during the fight and Skronk hitting the bottle three times.

Earl picked up the Legion Blunderbuss from the drop.

We then moved on to through to the next group, situated in a big circular room down a ramp, where there sat a set of five warlocks maintaining a pentagram of power, in the middle of which stood Keli’dan the Breaker.

Visible through the floor was a very big dragon-bodied demon which we assumed the pentagram of power was holding in place. We figured he must be Magtheridon, whom we could hear shouting every once in a while in the instance.

Well, the first order of business was, as always, kill the guys in front of us. So we ran in and chopped up the warlocks and Keli’dan without breaking a sweat. This opened up a door at the back of the chamber.

My own thought was, “Cool, now we get the big guy, he must be the final boss!” I did not even snap a screen shot of the warlocks, thinking that they were just trash.

So we ran through the door and found ourselves back at the base of the stairs.


Keli’dan was the last boss. Magtheridon’s Lair is a raid. We just got a glimpse of him as a teaser.

So we were done. Elapsed time was a little under two hours, even with two wipes.

We wrapped up the instance at about the same time the scrapbook party ended at my place, so my wife and I actually went to bed at the same time on a Saturday night.

Next time we move on to Zangarmarsh and the Slave Pens.