Daily Archives: March 28, 2008

Drie Wolf Motion Sickness

Once in a while I get out one of my horde characters to play. My primary horde character is an Orc hunter (surprise!) named Garnatz. I hit level 40 with him a while back and finally decided to get him a mount and try it out.

Orcs get wolf mounts, which seemed like a really neat change. So far I have dealt only with horse and goat mounts for my human and dwarf characters.

There are three flavors of wolf mounts to choose from, the dire wolf, which is grey, the timber wolf, which is black, and the brown wolf, which is, well, brown.

For Garnatz I went with the dire wolf. I think the grey is the better looking of the three colors.

I like the way the mount looks:


I even like the behavior of the mount when you hit the space bar. The wolf gives a ferocious display.


I am even okay with the scale. I was a bit worried, given the size of wolves, that Garnatz might end up looking like an adult riding a Shetland pony. But he looks okay. He doesn’t look like his feet might drag on the ground if he slips.

The only thing I do not like about the new mount is actually traveling with it.

The wolf, when it runs, bounces Garnatz up and down.

A lot.

Enough to make my stomach feel a little off.

And that is saying something.

I am not generally prone to the Gary Gannon FPS motion sickness effect, but this bouncing seems to hit me in just the right (or wrong) way.

So for now, when I get the urge to play horde, I’ll just run and put up aspect of the pack on Garnatz.

Maybe, by the time he gets to 60, I can get to exalted with one of the other horde races and try one of the other mounts.

How does a raptor drive?